Christian Madsen BILTOFT (1850 - 1923)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Peter Vedsted BILTOFT (1883 - 1885)
Maria Matidla BILTOFT (1886 - )
Peter Vedsted BILTOFT (1888 - 1978)
Martin James BILTOFT (1890 - 1933)
Christopher Adolphus BILTOFT (1892 - )
Elsie Christina BILTOFT (1895 - )
Hilda Dorothy BILTOFT (1897 - )
Henry Herbert BILTOFT (1900 - )
Christian Madsen BILTOFT (1850 - 1923)


Dorthea Christine HANSEN (1863 - 1945)
Peter Peder Vedsted BILTOFT (1825 - 1897) Chriten Madsen BILTOFT (1798 - 1873)

Bodel Kristine VEDSTED (1793 - 1866)

Kirstine Marie JENSEN JENSDATTER (1823 - 1871)

Christian Madsen BILTOFT Dorthea Christine HANSEN

Christian Madsen BILTOFT
Christian Madsen BILTOFT Dorthea Christine HANSEN Christian Madsen BILTOFT
b. 22 Apr 1850 at Varde, Ribe, Denmark
m. 09 Mar 1883 Dorthea Christine HANSEN (1863 - 1945) at Queensland, Australia
d. 11 Jun 1923 at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia aged 73
Near Relatives of Christian Madsen BILTOFT (1850 - 1923)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather Chriten Madsen BILTOFT 23 Oct 1798 Denmark 18 Jun 1873 Denmark 74
Grandmother Bodel Kristine VEDSTED 1793 1866 73

Father in Law Jens HANSEN
Mother in Law Marie BOLETHI

Father Peter Peder Vedsted BILTOFT 13 Nov 1825 Ravnsø, Denmark 09 Jul 1897 Warwick, Queensland, Australia 71
Mother Kirstine Marie JENSEN JENSDATTER 12 Feb 1823 Terpling, Aastrup sogn, Ribe amt, Denmark 13 Mar 1871 Rærup, Lydum, Denmark 48

Self Christian Madsen BILTOFT 22 Apr 1850 Varde, Ribe, Denmark 11 Jun 1923 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia 73

Wife Dorthea Christine HANSEN 01 Aug 1863 Denmark 16 Mar 1945 Queensland, Australia 81

Son Peter Vedsted BILTOFT 07 Dec 1883 Queensland, Australia 13 Aug 1885 Queensland, Australia 1
Daughter Maria Matidla BILTOFT 1886 Queensland, Australia
Son Peter Vedsted BILTOFT 14 Jul 1888 Queensland, Australia 11 Feb 1978 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia 89
Son Martin James BILTOFT 1890 Queensland, Australia 1933 Queensland, Australia 43
Son Christopher Adolphus BILTOFT 1892 Queensland, Australia
Daughter Elsie Christina BILTOFT 1895 Queensland, Australia
Daughter Hilda Dorothy BILTOFT 1897 Queensland, Australia
Son Henry Herbert BILTOFT 1900 Queensland, Australia

Brother Martin Christensen BILTOFT 07 Jul 1851 Denmark 05 Apr 1914 Queensland, Australia 62
Brother Jens Pedersen BILTOFT 26 Apr 1853 Viborg, Denmark 05 May 1940 Warwick, Queensland, Australia 87
Sister Maria (Mary) Kristina BILTOFT 23 Apr 1855 Varde, Denmark 18 Apr 1932 Queensland, Australia 76
Sister Mathilde Helen BILTOFT 1860 Borup, Randers, Denmark 29 May 1934 Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia 74
Brother Iver Christian BILTOFT 20 Jun 1862 Lydum, Ribe, Denmark 07 Nov 1922 Perth, Western Australia, Australia 60
Sister Anne Ane Ann BILTOFT 13 Sep 1865 Lydum, Ribe, Denmark
Half Sister Christine Kristine BILTOFT 1873 Denmark

Daughter in Law Emily Maud MURR
Daughter in Law Annie Edith FALKNAU
Son in Law Ernest Phillip MORRISON

Granddaughter Edna May BILTOFT 1912
Granddaughter Beris Maud BILTOFT 1914

Aunt Hansine Michaline BILTOFT 1823 Denmark 1870 47
Aunt Ane Stine BILTOFT 1827 Denmark 1861 34
Uncle Thoeger BILTOFT 15 Mar 1829 Denmark 02 Apr 1915 Denmark 86
Aunt Ane Marie HANSEN 1833 1911 Denmark 78
Uncle Mads BILTOFT 1835 Denmark
Aunt Ana Rosine Abelone BILTOFT 1838 Denmark 1920 82

Cousin Hans Christian BILTOFT 12 Feb 1864 Denmark 03 Sep 1957 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 93

Nephew Henry Peter Michael BILTOFT 1889 Queensland, Australia 1939 Queensland, Australia 50
Nephew Arthur BILTOFT 1891 Queensland, Australia 1963 Queensland, Australia 72
Niece Agnes Matilda BILTOFT 1892 Queensland, Australia
Niece Ellen Margaret BILTOFT 1896 Queensland, Australia
Niece Christine Marie BILTOFT 1884 Queensland, Australia
Niece Maria Bolette BILTOFT 1887 Queensland, Australia
Nephew Niels Vidsted BILTOFT 1891 Queensland, Australia 1948 Queensland, Australia 57
Niece Margaret Catherine BILTOFT 1893 Queensland, Australia
Niece Anne Petrine BILTOFT 1897 Queensland, Australia
Niece Mabel May BILTOFT 1901 Queensland, Australia

Sister in Law Anna HANSEN 09 Mar 1866 Haderslev, Denmark 1936 Queensland, Australia 70
Sister in Law Hilma FROYLAND 1896 Queensland, Australia
Sister in Law Agnes Alvine FROYLAND
Brother in Law Christian Ivert SCHIERNING
Brother in Law Jens Hansen LUNDAGER 1930 Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
Sister in Law Mary Hannah WOOLNER
Events in Christian Madsen BILTOFT (1850 - 1923)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
22 Apr 1850 Christian Madsen BILTOFT was born Varde, Ribe, Denmark
13 Mar 1871 20 Death of mother Kirstine Marie JENSEN JENSDATTER (aged 48) Rærup, Lydum, Denmark
09 Mar 1883 32 Married Dorthea Christine HANSEN (aged 19) Queensland, Australia 1883/C381
07 Dec 1883 33 Birth of son Peter Vedsted BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1884/C8325
13 Aug 1885 35 Death of son Peter Vedsted BILTOFT (aged 1) Queensland, Australia
1886 36 Birth of daughter Maria Matidla BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1886/C2353
14 Jul 1888 38 Birth of son Peter Vedsted BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1888/C2824
1890 40 Birth of son Martin James BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1890/C3325
1892 42 Birth of son Christopher Adolphus BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1892/C3378
1895 45 Birth of daughter Elsie Christina BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1895/C2977
1897 47 Birth of daughter Hilda Dorothy BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1897/C2929
09 Jul 1897 47 Death of father Peter Peder Vedsted BILTOFT (aged 71) Warwick, Queensland, Australia 1897/C4293
1900 50 Birth of son Henry Herbert BILTOFT Queensland, Australia 1900/C3036
11 Jun 1923 73 Christian Madsen BILTOFT died Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
Personal Notes:
Christen Madsen Biltoft was the son of Peder Vedsted Biltoft and Kirstin Marie Jensdatter. He was born on 22 April 1850 in Grindsted, Varde, Ribe Amt, Denmark. Apparently, Christen and his brother Jens moved to South Jutland to earn more money as young men. When Christen was 22 years old, they decided to migrate (assumedly for the same reason) and departed on the Friedeburg, which left on the 18th May 1872. The brothers arrived in New Zealand on 31 August 1872. The boys' mother, Kirstine had died in Denmark only two years previously. According to family legend, they were very impressed with the country at first. They even wrote home and tried to convince their father Peder Vedsted Biltoft to join them. However, life in New Zealand soon became tiresome and the boys wrote again to their father. Peder never received their letter, as he and the family were already en route to Australia. Eventually, Christen and Jens joined their family in Queensland, Australia. Christian Biltoft and Jens Pedersen Biltoft married the same day (9 March 1883) to sisters. Christen married Dorothea Christina Hansen, and Jens married Anne/Annie Hansen. They were two of four known daughters of Jens and Marie Bolethi (Peterson) Hansen. Even though their father Peder always wanted to return to Denmark in his old age, this never eventuated, as he worried that the cold weather would be too much for him. After his father's death in 1897, Christian inherited his father's rather substantial property at Freestone Creek (near Warwick). According to family records, Christen and Dorothea's children were as follows:
*Peter Vedsted Biltoft (dec as infant)
* Maria Mathilda Biltoft (known to family as Matilda Maria)
*Peter Vedsted Biltoft
*James Martin Biltoft
*Christopher Adolphus Biltoft
*Elsie Christine Biltoft
*Hilda Dorothy Biltoft
*Henry Herbert Biltoft
Christen and Dorothea both died and were buried in Toowoomba, QLD. Christen died on the 11 June 1923 and Dorothea died more than 20 years later on the16th March 1945.