Sally UNDERHILL (1828 - 1891)
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Walter CHOWN (1855 - )
Sally UNDERHILL (1828 - 1891)


William CHOWN (1830 - )

b. abt 1828
m. abt Mar 1852 William CHOWN (1830 - ) at Exeter, Devon, England
d. abt Jun 1891 at Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales aged 63
Near Relatives of Sally UNDERHILL (1828 - 1891)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Father in Law John CHOWN 30 May 1796 Kennford, Devon, England abt 1847 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England 51
Mother in Law Bathsheba Ann BOWCHER 1795 Kenton, Devon, England abt Mar 1863 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England 68

Self Sally UNDERHILL abt 1828 abt Jun 1891 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales 63

Husband William CHOWN abt 1830 Kenn, Devon, England

Son Walter CHOWN Jun 1855 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Daughter in Law Susan WILLIAMS

Granddaughter Laura Eveline CHOWN 1892 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Brother in Law Richard CHOWN 10 Nov 1821 Exminster, Devon, England
Brother in Law Henry CHOWN 1822
Sister in Law Elenor CHOWN 10 Jan 1823 Exminster, Devon, England
Brother in Law Thomas CHOWN 1826 Kenn, Devon, England
Brother in Law Henry CHOWN 1827 Kenn, Devon, England
Brother in Law Edwin CHOWN 1832 Kenn, Devon, England
Sister in Law Harriet CHOWN 1835 Kenn, Devon, England
Events in Sally UNDERHILL (1828 - 1891)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
abt 1828 Sally UNDERHILL was born
abt Mar 1852 24 Married William CHOWN (aged 22) Exeter, Devon, England Free BMD Mar 1852 5b 176 2
Jun 1855 27 Birth of son Walter CHOWN Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Free BMD Jun 1855 11a 210 2
abt Jun 1891 63 Sally UNDERHILL died Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Source References:
2. Type: Book, Abbr: Devon to Downunder, Title: Devon to Downunder, Auth: Bettie Elworthy, Publ: Bookbound, Date: 1997
- Reference = 14 (Marriage)
- Notes: William Chown, second son of Bathsheba and John, moved to Wales in 1850. As
a stonemason, William joined a large band of artisans from the West of England
engaged in the development of Cardiff as a seaport and the building of the
dockyards. He went back to Exminster in 1852 to marry Sally Underhill and
returned to Cardiff where their five boys and three girls were born.
The eldest son Walter born 1855 and his wife Susan had three children and
following the early death of Walter's sister Laura, he raised her three children as
well. Walter was also a stonemason and there were several other Chowns listed
under the same trade. Walter's eldest child Laura born 1892 and named for her
aunt, married Thomas Daniel HILL.
William Chown 1826 married Sally UNDERHILL in 1852 and this branch moved
to Cardiff in Wales. From 1871 to 1890 they lived at 4 Elm Street, Routh where
William was a grocer.
- Reference = 14 (Name, Notes)