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William Carmichael HENDERSON (1890 - 1973)


Kate Maria HENDERSON (1868 - 1891)

+. Kate Maria HENDERSON (1868 - 1891)
Children (1):
William Carmichael HENDERSON (1890 - 1973)
Events in William CARMICHAEL's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
12 Apr 1890 Birth of son William Carmichael HENDERSON Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia 24192/1890 61
15 Apr 1891 Death of wife Kate Maria HENDERSON (aged 23) Emmaville, New South Wales, Australia 5821/1891 61
02 Jan 1973 Death of son William Carmichael HENDERSON (aged 82) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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William (Bill Henderson) was born to Kate Henderson, who died of TB when the baby was one year and a few days old... He was handed over to Kate's brother George and his wife Mary to raise as their own. ALL his kids thought he was George and Mary's son. I shattered their illusions with facts...
William's father was William Carmichael...

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