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Joan SCHWERDTMANN Otford Otto WESTON SCHWERDTMANN (1888 - 1952) Christian Charles SWEETMAN SCHWERDTMANN (1851 - 1896) Christian SCHWERDTMANN (1810 - 1889)
Anna Mina C LUDDERS ( - 1887)
Grace NOBLE (1865 - 1937) William NOBLE (1836 - 1916)
Jessie Louise MCINTOSH (1836 - 1907)

Otford Otto WESTON SCHWERDTMANN (1888 - 1952)
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Events in Joan SCHWERDTMANN's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1952 Death of father Otford Otto WESTON SCHWERDTMANN (aged 64) Manly, New South Wales, Australia 17420/1952 WESTON
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- Reference = Lee Kirk 26 Jul 2011 (Name, Notes)
- Notes: Otford was christened "Otto William Schwerdtmann". Later changed his name to Otford Wilton Weston. Otford became a well known Architect in Sydney. He married, Eva Morehead in 1914- his name was recorded as Otto Sweetman on his marriage certificate.Schwerdtmann surname had many variations over the years - it made it a little difficult to trace certificates etc. They had two daughters, Joan and Margaret. Otford also left his wife and children for another woman. Joan gave me this information. She was aroung 15-16 years old when this occurred.

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