Leslie Allen JOHNSON (1907 - 1964)
school teacher
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Leslie Allen JOHNSON (1907 - 1964)


Olive Josephine STRETTON (1908 - )

Beatrice Blanche NEWTON (1888 - 1911) Henry ATKINSON (1859 - 1928) John ATKINSON
Hannah GILL
Emily NEWTON (1868 - 1949) William NEWTON (1839 - )
Elizabeth BARBER (1841 - 1897)
Leslie Allen JOHNSON

Leslie Allen JOHNSON
Leslie Allen JOHNSON Leslie Allen JOHNSON
b. 24 Feb 1907 at Queensland, Australia
m. 18 Apr 1935 Olive Josephine STRETTON (1908 - ) at Queensland, Australia
d. 18 Aug 1964 at Rochdale, Queensland, Australia aged 57
Beatrice Blanche NEWTON (1888 - 1911)
Step Parents:
Edwin Otto BROWNE (1879 - 1912)
Harriet Ellen SHORT (1889 - )
Parents by Adoption:
Peter Martin Joachim Joakim Martinus JOHNSON AAS (1860 - 1935)
Florence Amelia MADDEN (1873 - 1929)
Siblings (13):
Anna Matilda JOHNSON (1890 - 1985)
Christian Martin (Ben) JOHNSON (1892 - 1916)
Alfred Julian JOHNSON (1894 - 1944)
Hilda Helen Isabella JOHNSON (1896 - 1994)
Oscar St.John JOHNSON (1899 - 1948)
Edmund Barton JOHNSON (1901 - 1910)
Harold Adolphus JOHNSON (1903 - 2000)
Florence Alexandra JOHNSON (1905 - 1990)
Inez Lillian Maud JOHNSON (1908 - 2000)
Norman Selwyn JOHNSON (1909 - 2001)
Edmund Bruce JOHNSON (1913 - 1992)
Greta Edna JOHNSON (1916 - 2008)
Ethel Emily BROWNE (1909 - 1974)
Children (2):
Events in Leslie Allen JOHNSON (1907 - 1964)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
24 Feb 1907 Leslie Allen JOHNSON was born Queensland, Australia Note 1
19 Feb 1911 3 Death of mother Beatrice Blanche NEWTON (aged 22) Bakerville, Queensland, Australia 1911/002771
21 Apr 1912 5 Death of step father Edwin Otto BROWNE (aged 32) Friezland, Queensland, Australia
24 Oct 1929 22 Death of adopted mother Florence Amelia MADDEN (aged 56) Chilligoe, Queensland, Australia Note 2
18 Apr 1935 28 Married Olive Josephine STRETTON (aged 27) Queensland, Australia 1935/001414
26 Dec 1935 28 Death of adopted father Peter Martin Joachim Joakim Martinus JOHNSON AAS (aged 75) Jarvisfield, Queensland, Australia Note 3
1949 42 Electoral Roll Ingham, Queensland, Australia Victoria Estate
18 Aug 1964 57 Leslie Allen JOHNSON died Rochdale, Queensland, Australia
Death of step mother Harriet Ellen SHORT Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Note 1: 1907/C006757 15 months before marriage. record as Atkinson
Note 2: Newpaper obit for Peter Martin Johnson
Note 3: Newspaper obit, Kia Ora farm Jarvisfield
Personal Notes:
Apart from raising their own large family, Florence and Peter Johnson adopted a son Leslie Allan born in 1907. After winning a scholarship, Les attended Townsville Grammar School from 1921-1925 and later gained a BA degree. Les died on 17 Aug 1964.

Leslie Allen B. 24-Feb-1907 has two birth records under the same number 1907 / 006757, one surname "Atkinson" the other "Johnson" but NO father is listed. Question , who is "Johnson" ??? Is there a family secret here ??

Combined with his Birth records (Atkinson & Johnson) and Death record (Johnson) I guess that's makes him a "JOHNSON".

Beatrice Blanche NEWTON gives birth to Leslie Allen who has no dads but two names (Atkinson and Johnson). I can understand the Atkinson (her dad's name). But she (Beatrice Balnche) was born early too. So, her name was NEWTON, not ATKINSON. Very confusing. Who was the Johnson?
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- Notes: The other problem with her "evidence" is that she, unlike your mother was an orphan, losing both her parents. Her mother Beatrice (Atkinson) died when she was very young in a typhoid epidemic. Her father remarried but within a short time was killed in a mine accident. The step mother now without a bread winner was left with two young children who were not her own and apparently did not cope too well. This lead to a famous family story where (Great) Grandma Atkinson made an epic journey (including a stagecoach section) to snatch the children. However she herself was doing it pretty tough and couldn't cope with two extra mouths to feed so my mother was kept and raised with her uncles and aunts (she regarded them as brothers and sisters.) Her brother Les was adopted by a wealthy family and he did pretty well for himself. He got a university education (apparently brilliant and a superb athlete) and became a school teacher. He was principal of the high school at Sarina for many years.

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