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Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY (1884 - 1956)

m. 1905 Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY (1884 - 1956) at Victoria, Australia
Near Relatives of Agnes MUMMERY
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Father in Law Martin William HEGNEY abt 1859 1915 Mildura, Australia 56
Mother in Law Jane WILSON 1915 Mildura, Australia

Self Agnes MUMMERY

Husband Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY 1884 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1956 Grafton, NSW, Australia 72

Nephew Bain Wilson MATTHEWS 1914 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 1964 Preston, Victoria, Australia 50

Sister in Law Kora Jane HEGNEY 1883 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1950 Victoria, Australia 67
Brother in Law Thomas H HEGNEY 1885 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1889 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 4
Sister in Law Eva Katherine HEGNEY 1887 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1945 Williamstown, Victoria, Australia 58
Brother in Law Martin William HEGNEY 1889 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 1969 Cock, Victoria, Australia 80
Sister in Law Ivy Eileen HEGNEY 1892 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1946 South Ncote, Victoria, Australia 54
Sister in Law Myrtle HEGNEY 1894 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1977 Preston, Victoria, Australia 83
Sister in Law Charles Hopetown HEGNEY 1896 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1980 Wynnum, Queensland, Australia 84
Sister in Law Clover Mary HEGNEY 1896 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1984 Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia 88
Brother in Law Leo Gladstone HEGNEY 1897 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1967 Broken Hill, NSW, Australia 70
Sister in Law Minerva HEGNEY 1901 Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Brother in Law Thomas HEGNEY 1902 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 1902 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 0
Events in Agnes MUMMERY's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1905 Married Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY (aged 21) Victoria, Australia Note 1 52
1911 Divorce Grafton, NSW, Australia Note 2 60
1956 Death of husband Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY (aged 72) Grafton, NSW, Australia Note 3 17
Note 1: Name: Martin Jno Hegney
Spouse Name: Agnes Mummery
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1905
Registration Number: 6575
Note 2: Sydney Morning Herald 21 June 1911
(Before Mr. Justice Gordon.)
The decrees nisi in the following suits were declared absolute :— Martin John Hegney v Agnes Hegney
(see notes)
Note 3: Ancestry - Tresidder Tree

Personal Notes:
Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton) 16 Aug 1910
In Divorce:
This court was opened yesterday before his Honor Judge Docker.
Martin John Hegney, mail coach, proprietor at Cangal, petitioned for separation from his wife, on the grounds of desertion.
Petitioner said he was married to respondent on November 1st 1905, at Mildura, according to the rite of the Church of England, by the vicar of that parish. Respondent's name name was Agnes Mummery. They resided together for 19 months, for a few months with respondents people at Mildura (he contributed to the support of the hime). They then went to Sydney and Melbourne for a few weeks and afterwards to Christmas Creek, Queensland, where he worked on a dairy farm. They remained there six months, and went to Kyogle, and afterwards to Casino, where they were boarding at different places. They lived hapily together. On 12th February, 1907, she went with his concent to his mother at Mildura. He gave her money to go away, and was to go for her after completing a contract. He received a letter from her, but she had not returned to him. He asked her by letter if she intended returning to him, but received no reply. He had no idea as to her whereabouts. He gave no reason for her to desert him.
His Honor found for petitioner in the affirmative on the issues of marriage and dessertion.
Source References:
52. Type: Australia Birth Marriage Death Index 1787 - 1985 Record
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- Notes: Name: Martin Jno Hegney
Spouse Name: Agnes Mummery
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1905
Registration Number: 6575