Alice Janet (younger dau) MIKKELSEN
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Alice Janet (younger dau) MIKKELSEN


Frederick Ernest ADDLEM
David Sinclair MIKKELSEN (1880 - 1948) Christian Jensen MIKKELSEN (1836 - 1908)

Janet ALLAN (1846 - 1932)

Alice May NEILSON (1886 - 1981) Neil NEILSON (1844 - 1923) Neil NEILSON

Catherine WILSON (1857 - 1926) John WILSON
Catherine LEAHEY (1831 - 1915)

m. 1948 Frederick Ernest ADDLEM at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Near Relatives of Alice Janet (younger dau) MIKKELSEN
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather Christian Jensen MIKKELSEN abt 1836 21 Jul 1908 Moolort, Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia 72
Grandmother Janet ALLAN abt 1846 04 Mar 1932 Moolort, Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia 86
Grandfather Neil NEILSON abt 1844 Denmark 19 Apr 1923 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 79
Grandmother Catherine WILSON abt 1857 23 Jul 1926 Moolort, Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia 69

Father David Sinclair MIKKELSEN 1880 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 11 Jan 1948 Strathearn, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 68
Mother Alice May NEILSON 1886 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1981 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 95

Self Alice Janet (younger dau) MIKKELSEN

Husband Frederick Ernest ADDLEM

Brother Charles Neil (twin) MIKKELSEN
Brother David Christian Neil (eldest son) MIKKELSEN
Brother John Sinclair (twin) MIKKELSEN

Uncle John Soren MIKKELSEN 1875 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1898 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 23
Aunt Annie Jensen (eldest) MIKKELSEN 1877 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1958 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 81
Uncle Alexander ANNAND 1860 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1938 Newstead, Victoria, Australia 78
Aunt Elizabeth Sinclair (Bessie) MIKKELSEN 1879 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1957 Baringhup, Victoria, Australia 78
Uncle Alexander George MCDERMAID 1869 Amherst, Victoria, Australia 1941 Baringhup, Victoria, Australia 72
Aunt Helena Christina (Lena) MIKKELSEN 1887 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1967 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia 80
Uncle Rupert Ernest KAYE 1888 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1964 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 76
Aunt Jessie Victoria NEILSON 1880 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1922 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 42
Uncle Thomas YELLAND 1880 Yandoit, Victoria, Australia 1916 Victoria, Australia 36
Uncle Neil Henry NEILSON 1881 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1967 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 86
Uncle John Edward (Jack) NEILSON 26 Feb 1884 Pooncarie, Wentworth, NSW, Australia 03 Mar 1967 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 83
Aunt Euphemia Paterson (Dorothy Dorrie) SNADDEN 1884 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1961 Chel, Victoria, Australia 77
Aunt Amy Jane NEILSON 1889 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 1963 Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 74
Uncle Charles Henry NEILSON 1892 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 1963 Malvern, Victoria, Australia 71
Aunt Maude Alexandra (Minnie) NEILSON 1894 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1964 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia 70
Uncle William Conrad YAGER 1892 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1951 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia 59

Cousin Christina Greda ANNAND 1904 Newstead, Victoria, Australia 1944 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 40
Cousin Alexander David ANNAND 1908 Newstead, Victoria, Australia 1977 Victoria, Australia 69
Cousin Eileen Melva YELLAND 1908 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1951 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 43
Cousin Doreen Catherine YELLAND 1910 Maldon, Victoria, Australia
Cousin John Edward (Jack) YELLAND 1912 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1971 Norlane, Victoria, Australia 59
Cousin Living or Recently Deceased
Cousin Living or Recently Deceased
Cousin Living or Recently Deceased

Sister in Law Moira Joan PICKERING
Sister in Law Grace Ann McKay MORRISON
Sister in Law Jean Isabella CAMPBELL
Events in Alice Janet (younger dau) MIKKELSEN's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1948 Married Frederick Ernest ADDLEM Bendigo, Victoria, Australia Note 1 60
11 Jan 1948 Death of father David Sinclair MIKKELSEN (aged 68) Strathearn, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia Note 2 60
1981 Death of mother Alice May NEILSON (aged 95) Maldon, Victoria, Australia Note 3 53
Note 1: The Argus (Melbourne) 28 July 1948
ALICE JANET, daughter of Mrs Mikkelsen, Moolort, and the late Mr D. S. Mikkelsen, and Frederick Ernest, son of Mrs T. G. Addlem, Neereman, married at St Paul's, Bendigo.

The Argus 12 Nov 1947
MIKKELSEN - ADDLEM. - Alice Janet, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Mikkelsen, The Grange, Moolort, to Frederick Ernest, eldest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. T. G. Addlem, Park- side, Neereman.
Note 2: The Argus (Melbourne) 11 Jan 1950
MIKKELSEN.-In memory of my loving husband David Sinclair, and our dear father and father-in-law, who passed away January 11 1948 (Inserted by his loving wife and family )
MIKKELSEN.-In loving memory of our dear father passed away January 11, 1948. (David and Grace )

The Argus (Melbourne) 13 January 1948
MIKKELSEN. - On January 11, at Strathearn. Castlemaine. David Sinclair, dearly loved husband, of Alice, dear father of Jean, David, Janet, John, Neil, and Allan and fond father-in-law of Grace, also intended father-in-law of Fred. (Private interment.)
Note 3: Name: Alice May Mikkelsen
Death Date: 1981
Burial Date: 31 May 1981
Cemetery: Maldon
Cemetery Location: Maldon, Victoria
Source References:
60. Type: Newspaper, Title: Trove, http://trove.nla.gov.au
- Reference = (Marriage)
- Notes: The Argus (Melbourne) 28 July 1948
ALICE JANET, daughter of Mrs Mikkelsen, Moolort, and the late Mr D. S. Mikkelsen, and Frederick Ernest, son of Mrs T. G. Addlem, Neereman, married at St Paul's, Bendigo.