Edward James MACDONALD (1889 - )
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Edward James MACDONALD (1889 - ) Alexander Cameron MACDONALD (1845 - 1897) George MACDONALD (1824 - 1924) Alexander Cameron MACDONALD (1796 - 1847)
Sarah (twin) WARBY (1806 - 1893)
Elizabeth Henrietta (DOW DOUSE DOUX) DOWSE (1822 - 1910) Isaac DOWSE (1781 - 1853)
Elizabeth (SYMONDS) SYMONS (1787 - )
Martha Jane GROVES ( - 1935) Thomas GROVES


b. 1889 at Queensland, Australia
Near Relatives of Edward James MACDONALD (1889 - )
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather George MACDONALD 03 Jan 1824 Campbelltown, NSW, Australia 25 Mar 1924 'Glendarrwill', Maude, Victoria, Australia 100
Grandmother Elizabeth Henrietta (DOW DOUSE DOUX) DOWSE abt 1822 New South Wales, Australia 27 Dec 1910 'Glendarrwill', Maude, Victoria, Australia 88
Grandfather Thomas GROVES
Grandmother Jane OLIVER

Father Alexander Cameron MACDONALD 09 Dec 1845 Campbelltown, NSW, Australia 08 May 1897 Woodstock, Queensland, Australia 51
Step Father Frederick Charles NORMAN 1930 Queensland, Australia
Mother Martha Jane GROVES 01 Dec 1935 Queensland

Self Edward James MACDONALD 1889 Queensland, Australia

Sister Adelaide Victoria Georgina MACDONALD 1884 Queensland, Australia
Brother Alexander Gordon MACDONALD 1887 Queensland, Australia
Sister Alice Isabell MACDONALD 1891 Queensland, Australia
Sister Olive Mary Jane MACDONALD 1894 Queensland, Australia

Aunt Mary Ann Sophia MACDONALD 1847 Campbelltown, NSW, Australia 1940 Penrith, NSW, Australia 93
Uncle William FERGUSON abt 1846 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Aunt Sarah Jane MACDONALD 1848 Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 20 May 1899 Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia 51
Aunt Elizabeth Henrietta (Berry) MACDONALD 26 Dec 1850 Brewarrina, Murrumbidgee, NSW, Australia 25 Jan 1944 Minerva Creek, Springsure, Queensland, Australia 93
Uncle Cedric Spencer WILLS 01 Dec 1844 'Lexington', Ararat, Victoria, Australia 23 Jan 1914 Springsure, Queensland, Australia 69
Aunt Margaret Isabella MACDONALD 10 Dec 1851 Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 08 Nov 1944 West Australia, Australia 92
Uncle Fredrick Flower GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1846 St Omer, France 1915 Bunbury, WA, Australia 69
Aunt Adelaide Victoria MACDONALD 1852 Campbelltown, NSW, Australia 1947 Queensland, Australia 95
Uncle John Ambrose RYDER abt 1849 Prince Edward Island 1898 Queensland, Australia 49
Aunt Christine Eliza MACDONALD 1853 04 Jul 1948 Springsure, Queensland 95
Aunt Ellen Augusta MACDONALD abt 1858 1923 Northcote, Victoria, Australia 65
Uncle Reginald Morris BRETT 1852 Corfe Mullen, Dorset, England 1922 Northcote, Victoria, Australia 70
Uncle John George MACDONALD 1859 17 Aug 1921 62
Uncle Charles Hugh William MACDONALD 19 Apr 1861 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 10 Jan 1946 Glen Darriwell, Maude, Victoria, Australia 84
Aunt Beatrice Constance CONLEY 1872 Elaine, Victoria 1900 28
Aunt Ernestina (Ernstine) PERDRISAT abt 1867 1951 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 84

Cousin Arthur FERGUSON bef 1940
Cousin Mary Agnes FERGUSON
Cousin William Hunter FERGUSON
Cousin Elizabeth Spencer WILLS 12 Mar 1873 Queensland, Australia 24 Oct 1956 Queensland, Australia 83
Cousin Edith Spencer WILLS 10 Jun 1874 Queensland, Australia 15 Sep 1956 Queensland, Australia 82
Cousin Emily (Emilyne) Spencer WILLS 16 Aug 1875 Kew, Victoria, Australia 05 Feb 1960 Queensland, Australia 84
Cousin Horatio Spencer Howe WILLS 28 Aug 1876 Cullin-la-ringo, Queensland, Australia 30 Aug 1960 Springsure, Queensland, Australia 84
Cousin Cedric Spencer WILLS 29 Nov 1877 Cullinlaringo, Springsure, Queensland, Australia 25 Sep 1957 Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 79
Cousin George WILLS abt 1879
Cousin Minnie Spencer WILLS 27 Apr 1880 Queensland, Australia 23 Sep 1962 Queensland, Australia 82
Cousin Egbert Spencer WILLS 23 Jul 1881 Queensland, Australia 04 Aug 1888 Queensland, Australia 7
Cousin Rose Spencer WILLS 16 Sep 1882 'Cullin-la-ringo', Springsure, Queensland, Australia 21 Feb 1969 Queensland, Australia 86
Cousin Ruby Spencer WILLS 23 Nov 1883 Queensland, Australia 1978 Queensland, Australia 95
Cousin Ivy Spencer WILLS 30 Jul 1885 Queensland, Australia 09 Feb 1968 Casino, NSW, Australia 82
Cousin Thomas Wentworth Spencer WILLS 25 Jul 1886 Queensland, Australia 22 May 1963 Queensland, Australia 76
Cousin Colden Spencer WILLS 15 Oct 1888 Cullin-la-ringo, Queensland, Australia 20 May 1972 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia 83
Cousin William Charles GODSCHALL-JOHNSON
Cousin Margaret Ellen GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1879 Queensland, Australia 1959 Perth, WA, Australia 80
Cousin Bertha May GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1881 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia 1921 Wellington, West Australia, Australia 40
Cousin May GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1882 Queensland, Australia 1963 Perth, WA, Australia 81
Cousin Violet GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1882 Possibly Emerald, Qld 1962 Perth, WA, Australia 80
Cousin Connie GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1885 Bu Ni, Victoria, Australia 1938 Bridgetown, WA, Australia 53
Cousin Jessie Sarah GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1886 Bright, Victoria, Australia
Cousin Mabel Cecelia GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1888 Victoria, Australia 1979 Canning, Western Australia, Australia 91
Cousin Frederick William GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1891 Brunswick, Victoria, Australia 1965 Plantagenet, West Australia, Australia 74
Cousin Robert GODSCHALL-JOHNSON 1894 Gisborne, Victoria, Australia 1961 Victoria, Australia 67
Cousin Agnes Victoria RYDER 1886 1898 Wattleside, near Cindee, Queensland 12
Cousin Beatrice Victoria Seymour BRETT
Cousin Frank BRETT
Cousin Lily BRETT
Cousin Reginald BRETT
Cousin Annie MACDONALD
Cousin Cedric MACDONALD
Cousin Claude MACDONALD
Cousin Clyde MACDONALD
Cousin Dudley MACDONALD
Cousin Elsie MACDONALD
Cousin Graham MACDONALD
Cousin Leslie MACDONALD
Cousin Raymond MACDONALD
Cousin Rupert MACDONALD
Cousin Winifred Stuart MACDONALD 1904 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1979 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 75
Cousin Charles Stuart MACDONALD 1905
Cousin George MACDONALD 1907 1988 81
Cousin Allen Cameron MACDONALD 1910 1987 77

Events in Edward James MACDONALD (1889 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1889 Edward James MACDONALD was born Queensland, Australia Note 1 18
08 May 1897 8 Death of father Alexander Cameron MACDONALD (aged 51) Woodstock, Queensland, Australia Note 2 7, 52
1930 41 Death of step father Frederick Charles NORMAN Queensland, Australia Note 3
01 Dec 1935 46 Death of mother Martha Jane GROVES Queensland Note 4 18
Note 1: 1889/C11369 Edward James Macdonald Alexander Cameron Martha Jane Groves
Note 2: Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Alexander Cameron Macdonald
Name: Alexander Cameron Macdonald
Death Date: 8 May 1897
Death Place: Queensland
Father's Name: George Macdonald
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Dowes
Registration Year: 1897
Registration Place: Queensland
Registration number: 004074
Page Number: 15773

Death cert - MacDonald Family Tree - ancestry
Alexander Cameron Macdonald - Station Master Q.N.R. - male - 47 years - 8th May 1897 - Woodstock - born Paramatta, NSW
Parents - George Macdonald (station owner) and Elizabeth Dowes
Marriage - Charters Towers, Qld - 32 years - Martha Jane Groves
Children -
Adelaide Victoria Georgina - 13 years
Albert Henry - 11 years
Alexander Gordon - 9 years
Edward James - 6 years
Alice Isabel - 5 years
Olive Mary Jane - 3 years
C of D - "Dislocation and fracture of the cervical" accidentally killed by railway train a Woodstock Station Q.N.R.
Buried - 9th May 1897 - at Toonpan
Informant - Martha Macdonald, wife, Woodstock

Account of Alexander's fatal accident.
from The Townsville Evening Star of 10th May 1897
It is with great regret we have to record a particularly distressing fatality which occurred at Woodstock railway station last Saturday. During the afternoon intelligence was received in Townsville that the Station Master at Woodstock, Mr A. C. McDonald had been killed. On arrival of the 5.30 p.m. particulars were obtained, proving the sad news only too true.
It would appear that the unfortunate official was crossing the buffer of the train and by some means fell between, and part of the train passed over his body. None of the officials, we are informed, actually saw the occurrence.
On Sunday arrangements for the funeral were made, and a special train was run from Townsville at 1 p.m., conveying the District Traffic Manager, Mr Minehan, District Superintendent, Inspector Doorey, Mr Mitchell and a large number of the Railway employees. On arrival at Woodstock the coffin was carried from the deceased’s late residence to the train by six of the station masters, and on arrival at Toonpan, where the interment took place, from the train to the place of burial. The service was conducted by the Rev. Mr Williams.
It was evident from the large concourse of district residents present that Mr McDonald was held in very high esteem. Very handsome wreaths were sent by the station masters, guards, engine drivers and firemen. The Railway Department loses by this deplorable accident one of the best officers on the Northern Railway, and his demise is deeply regretted by all his fellow employees. A son of Mr McDonald’s rode 90 miles, after receipt of a wire, arriving just in time to take a last look at his father. He left Dotswood at 11 p.m. on Saturday and arrived at Woodstock at 3 p.m. next day. The heartiest sympathy is felt for the bereaved widow and other members of the deceased’s family.
Note 3: Qld bmd - 1930 C1545 Frederick Charles Norman - Edmund and Emma Mary Eleanor Baker
Note 4: Townsville Daily Bulletin 2 Dec 1935

Qld bmd - 1935 C5034 Martha Jane Norman Thomas Groves Jane Oliver
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- Notes: 1889/C11369 Edward James Macdonald Alexander Cameron Martha Jane Groves