Elva HAYNES (1915 - )
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Elva HAYNES (1915 - )


Edward Charles Francis (HAINES) HAYNES (1875 - 1936) George HAYNES ( - 1887)

Anastasia TAYLOR (1839 - 1876)

Violet Amelia Margaret LATHAM (1880 - 1953) Thomas LATHAM (1843 - 1884) James LATHAM (1815 - 1888)
Catherine ROCHFORD (1820 - 1896)
Isabelle ISUM (1850 - 1889) Richard ISUM (1802 - 1882)

b. aft 1915
m. Unknown UNKNOWN
Near Relatives of Elva HAYNES (1915 - )
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather George HAYNES 1887 Hay, NSW, Australia
Grandmother Anastasia TAYLOR abt 1839 1876 Hay, NSW, Australia 37
Grandfather Thomas LATHAM 1843 Dunmanway, Co Cork, Ireland 28 Jul 1884 Dover, Kent, England 41
Grandmother Isabelle ISUM 1850 Ireland 1889 Marylebone, London, England 39

Father Edward Charles Francis (HAINES) HAYNES 1875 Hay, NSW, Australia 1936 Ryde, NSW, Australia 61
Mother Violet Amelia Margaret LATHAM 1880 Hythe 17 Feb 1953 Darling Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia 73

Self Elva HAYNES aft 1915

Husband Unknown UNKNOWN

Sister Greta Isabella Catherine HAYNES 1903 Marrickville, NSW, Australia 1978 Katoomba, NSW, Australia 75
Brother Edward Francis HAYNES 1906 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1973 Wollongong, NSW, Australia 67
Sister Violet Ann HAYNES 1909 Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Brother Leslie HAYNES 1913 Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Sister Ruth HAYNES 1915 Marrickville, NSW, Australia

Uncle Richard James LATHAM 29 Jan 1869 Cork, Ireland 1949 Hillston, NSW, Australia 80
Aunt Elizabeth Mary SMITH abt 1876 1905 Nymagee, NSW, Australia 29
Aunt Susan FREEMAN
Aunt Julia Isabella LATHAM 1873 Cork, Ireland 1949 Sydney, NSW, Australia 76
Uncle Michael James Joseph MURPHY 1869 Sydney, NSW, Australia 07 Sep 1935 East Coolgardie, WA, Australia 66
Uncle Thomas Edward LATHAM 1874 Dymchurch, Kent, England 04 May 1917 Bullecourt, France 43
Aunt Martha BASSETT 1873 The Springs, Victoria, Australia 1933 Condobolin, NSW, Australia 60
Uncle William Oliver LATHAM 1875 Dymchurch, Kent, England 1926 Sydney, NSW, Australia 51
Aunt Edith (Annie) Halbina K HART 1877 Maitland, NSW, Australia 1919 Paddington, NSW, Australia 42
Aunt Sarah Alice LATHAM 1878 Hythe 1969 Liverpool, NSW, Australia 91
Uncle Alexander MACDOWELL
Uncle Charles George LATHAM 1882 Hythe 1968 Perth, WA, Australia 86
Aunt Marie Louisa von ALLWORDEN 1870 Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia 1946 Perth, WA, Australia 76
Uncle Alfred Henry LATHAM 1883 Dover, Kent, England 1949 Perth, WA, Australia 66
Aunt Alice Mary Maude LINDLEY 1884 Warnervale, Victoria, Australia 1932 Perth, WA, Australia 48

Cousin Richard Thomas LATHAM 1898 Hillston, NSW, Australia 1972 Sydney, NSW, Australia 74
Cousin William C LATHAM 1900 Hillston, NSW, Australia 1982 Lake Conjola, New South Wales Australia 82
Cousin James Frederick LATHAM 1904 Hillston, NSW, Australia 1992 Hillston, NSW, Australia 88
Cousin Harold MURPHY 1899 Hay, NSW, Australia 1958 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 59
Cousin Isabella M MURPHY 1900 Hay, NSW, Australia 1901 Hay, NSW, Australia 1
Cousin Michael L MURPHY 1902 Hay, NSW, Australia 1909 Granville, NSW, Australia 7
Cousin Margaret Mary MURPHY 1904 Hay, NSW, Australia
Cousin Violet Edina MURPHY 1906 Marrickville, NSW, Australia 1983 Sydney, NSW, Australia 77
Cousin Male MURPHY 1908 Brewarrina, NSW, Australia 1908 Brewarrina, NSW, Australia 0
Cousin Victor Sperry MURPHY 1909 Granville, NSW, Australia
Cousin Raymond Joseph MURPHY 1910 Woollahara, NSW, Australia 1957 Sydney, NSW, Australia 47
Cousin Eileen LATHAM 1898 Narrandera, NSW, Australia 1982 Australia 84
Cousin George Edward LATHAM 1900 Narrandera, NSW, Australia 1966 Bathurst, NSW, Australia 66
Cousin Daphne H LATHAM 1907 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1948 Balmain, NSW, Australia 41
Cousin Arthur William LATHAM 1908 Hay, NSW, Australia 1986 Perth, WA, Australia 78
Cousin Gordon Lawrence LATHAM 1910 Subiaco, Perth, WA, Australia 1984 Albany, Western Australia, Australia 74
Cousin Alfred Henry LATHAM 1908 Nyngan, NSW, Australia 1997 Bathurst, NSW, Australia 89
Cousin Thomas James LATHAM 1911 Nyngan, NSW, Australia 1971 Subiaco, Perth, WA, Australia 60
Cousin William G LATHAM 1913 Gosford, NSW, Australia
Cousin Alice Mary LATHAM 1915 Gosford, NSW, Australia 1959 Perth, WA, Australia 44

Brother in Law Walter Thomas HODGE 1901 Nyngan, NSW, Australia 1984 Katoomba, NSW, Australia 83
Brother in Law Cyril Howard BATTY 1891 Madras, India 1965 Katoomba, NSW, Australia 74
Brother in Law John Noel WHITNEY 1914 Burwood, Sydney, NSW
Events in Elva HAYNES (1915 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Married Unknown UNKNOWN Note 1
aft 1915 Elva HAYNES was born death notice of father
1936 21 Death of father Edward Charles Francis (HAINES) HAYNES (aged 61) Ryde, NSW, Australia Note 2 52, 60
17 Feb 1953 38 Death of mother Violet Amelia Margaret LATHAM (aged 73) Darling Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia Note 3 53, 60

Sydney Morning Herald 3 Dec 1950
Dr. Elva Haynes, youngest daughter of the late Mr. E. C.Haynes and of Mrs. Haynes, of Darling Point, married Dr. Vernon Howarth, younger son of the late Mr. F. S. Howarth and of Mrs. Howarth, of Cremorne, at St. Mark's Church, Darling Point.

Death of Vernon Howarth

8730/1960 MACCALLUM Peter William Standish HAYNES Elva Grace Sydney
Note 2: Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Edward Charles Francis Haynes
Name: Edward Charles Francis Haynes
Death Date: 1936
Death Place: New South Wales
Father's Name: George
Mother's name: Anastasia
Registration Year: 1936
Registration Place: Ryde, New South Wales
Registration number: 15810

Narandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser 14 Aug 1946
The death occurred in Sydney on August 3, of Mr. E. C. Haynes, aged 60 years, builder, late of Leeton, and at one time a member of the firm of Haynes and Dixon, of Narandera. He is survived by his widow and two sons and three daughters. Mrs. Mc Dowell, of Gerildrie, was a sister in law.

Sydney Morning Herald 5 Aug 1936
HAYNES -August 3 at a private hospital Sydney Edward Charles Francis beloved husband of Violet Haynes and loving father of Greta Francis Violet Leslie Ruth and Elva aged 60 vears Prlvately cremated August 4
Note 3: Australia Cemetery Index, 1808-2007 about Violet Amelia Margaret Haynes
Name: Violet Amelia Margaret Haynes
Death Date: 17 Feb 1953
Death Location: Flat 9 Yarranabbe Rd Darling Point
Cemetery: Northern Suburbs Crematorium
Cemetery Location: New South Wales

Sydney Morning Herald 23 Feb 1953
HAYNES, Violet Amelia Margaret. —February 17, 1953, at her residence, Darling Point, beloved wife of the late Edward Charles Francis Haynes and dear mother of Greta, Francis, Violet, Leslie, Ruth, and Elva. Privately cremated February 18, 1953 At rest.

HAYNES, Violet Amelia Margaret. —February 17 1953, at her residence, Darling Point, loved sister of Sir Charles Latham, Perth, W.A. At rest.