Jane Akinson MADILL (1877 - )
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Douglas Wallace MCBRIDE (1912 - )
Jane Akinson MADILL (1877 - )


Samuel Douglas MCBRIDE
Richard MADILL (1845 - 1909) Joseph MADILL


Elizabeth Cusine (Consine) MATHIE (1842 - 1915) John MATHIE

Elizabeth WALLACE

b. 1877 at Queensland, Australia
m. 1911 Samuel Douglas MCBRIDE at Queensland, Australia
Near Relatives of Jane Akinson MADILL (1877 - )
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather Joseph MADILL
Grandmother Sarah (MADILL) THOMPSON
Grandfather John MATHIE
Grandmother Elizabeth WALLACE

Father Richard MADILL abt 1845 Cootehill, Co Cavan, Ireland 1909 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 64
Mother Elizabeth Cusine (Consine) MATHIE 1842 Gorbals, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1915 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 73

Self Jane Akinson MADILL 1877 Queensland, Australia

Husband Samuel Douglas MCBRIDE

Son Douglas Wallace MCBRIDE 1912 Queensland, Australia

Sister Elizabeth Sarah Thompson MADILL 1871 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 07 Oct 1929 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 58
Sister Josephine May (Mary) MADILL 1873 Queensland, Australia 1935 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 62
Sister Agnes Mathie MADILL 1875 Queensland, Australia 1953 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 78
Brother John Kevin MADILL 31 Dec 1878 Queensland, Australia 1953 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 75
Brother Joseph Wallace MADILL 29 Jan 1881 Queensland, Australia 1963 Queensland, Australia 82
Brother Richard Thompson MADILL 28 Aug 1883 Queensland, Australia 1884 Queensland, Australia 1

Nephew Thomas Acheson ARMSTRONG 09 Jul 1891 Queensland, Australia 12 Oct 1917 Paschendale, France 26
Niece Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 1894 Queensland, Australia
Niece Ann ARMSTRONG 1896 Queensland, Australia 1896 Queensland, Australia 0
Niece Eileen Mary ARMSTRONG 1902 Queensland, Australia
Niece Grace May ARMSTRONG 1906 Queensland, Australia
Nephew John Stewart DAVIES 1904 Queensland, Australia 1963 Queensland, Australia 59
Nephew Reginald Victor DAVIES 1907 Queensland, Australia
Niece Dorothy Cuisine Jean CHRISTOE 1901 Queensland, Australia
Niece Muriel Berrick Wallace CHRISTOE 1902 Queensland, Australia
Nephew Richard Penrose CHRISTOE 1903 Queensland, Australia
Niece Isabel Lillian Edith CHRISTOE 1905 Queensland, Australia

Brother in Law Robert ARMSTRONG Nov 1861 Comragh, Co. Waterford, Ireland 21 Feb 1942 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 80
Brother in Law William Samuel DAVIES 1867 Queensland, Australia 1955 Queensland, Australia 88
Brother in Law William Herbert Berwick CHRISTOE 1863 Orange, NSW, Australia 1934 Queensland, Australia 71
Sister in Law Christobel Olive May PERRY 1899 Queensland, Australia 1972 Queensland, Australia 73
Events in Jane Akinson MADILL (1877 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1877 Jane Akinson MADILL was born Queensland, Australia Reg No 1877/3358 52
1909 32 Death of father Richard MADILL (aged 64) Mackay, Queensland, Australia Note 1 52, 60
1911 34 Married Samuel Douglas MCBRIDE Queensland, Australia Reg No 1911/2072 52
1912 35 Birth of son Douglas Wallace MCBRIDE Queensland, Australia Reg No 1912/8506 52
1915 38 Death of mother Elizabeth Cusine (Consine) MATHIE (aged 73) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Note 2 52, 60
Note 1: REg No 1909/2297 - parents were Joseph and Sarah

Daily Mercury (Mackay) 9 July 19109
A add fatality occurred on the Jolimount road yesterday morning, through which Mr. Richard Madill, a well-known and highly respected farmer, met his death. The deceased gentleman was driving in a dray from his selection to Mirani, when the horse bolted and the wheel striking a stone, the vehicle over turned, pinning the unfortunate man beneath. Two persons who witnessed the runaway at once ran forward, but, on raising the dray it was found that the deceased's neck was broken and life was extinct. Arrangements were at once made for the conveyance of the body to town by last evening's train. The late
Mr. Madill had resided in Mackay for 45 years, having arrived in Rockhampton a year previously, from Cootehill, Cavan, Ireland, in the vessel Flying Cloud. On his arrival here he worked for some time in the employ of Mr. Frank Bridgeman, but subsequently went in for farming on his own account. Though over 64 years of age, deceased was hale and hearty and his untimely end will be regretted by a large circle of friends.
A widow and family of four daughters and two sons are left to mourn their sad loss, and to them heartfelt sympathy will
be extended. The eldest son, Mr. Jack Madill, is a railway employee stationed at Hatton, and the other son, Mr.
Wallace Madill, is in the employ of Beirne (Mackay), Litd. The eldest daughter is the wife of Mr. Robert Armstrong, of Boldon, and another daughter is the wife of Mr. W. Christoe, of Farleigh.
The funeral takes place at noon to-day.
Note 2: Reg No 1915/3452 - parents John and Elizabeth

The Queenslander (Brisbane) 17 July 1915
MADILL.—On 6th July, 1915, at Brisbane, Elizabeth Cusine, relict of the late Richard Madhill, Mackay, aged 72.
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