Harry COX (1869 - 1939)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Sarah (Cis) COX (1889 - 1957)
Arthur (Jim) COX (1890 - 1964)
John Robert (Bob) COX (1892 - 1937)
Ralph Ernest COX (1896 - 1896)
William Leslie COX (1897 - 1982)
Harry COX (1869 - 1939)


Sarah Ann STANLEY (1855 - 1937)
Henry Albin COX (1834 - 1879) Isaac COX (1807 - )

Frances (COX) (1819 - )

Charlotte PARKER (1839 - ) George PARKER (1815 - 1862)

Elizabeth HANCOCK (1811 - 1849)


Pic S1. from GREER Family tree - ancestry

b. 1869 at Bradford upon Avon, Somerset, England
m. 26 Jan 1888 Sarah Ann STANLEY (1855 - 1937) at Queensland, Australia
d. 19 Aug 1939 at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia aged 70
Near Relatives of Harry COX (1869 - 1939)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather Isaac COX abt 1807 Stoke Lane, Somerset, England
Grandmother Frances (COX) abt 1819 Stoke Lane, Somerset, England
Grandfather George PARKER abt 1815 Wrington, Somerset, England 1862 47
Grandmother Elizabeth HANCOCK abt 1811 25 May 1849 Mells, Somerset, England 38

Father in Law William STANLEY
Mother in Law Catherine SKERRITT

Father Henry Albin COX abt 1834 Stoke Lane, Somerset, England 1879 Bradford upon Avon, Somerset, England 45
Mother Charlotte PARKER 1839 Mells, Somerset, England

Self Harry COX 1869 Bradford upon Avon, Somerset, England 19 Aug 1939 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 70

Wife Sarah Ann STANLEY abt 1855 Ireland 12 Jan 1937 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 82

Daughter Sarah (Cis) COX 1889 Queensland, Australia 26 Oct 1957 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 68
Son Arthur (Jim) COX 10 Sep 1890 Queensland, Australia 20 Aug 1964 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 73
Son John Robert (Bob) COX 18 Dec 1892 Queensland, Australia 09 Jan 1937 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 44
Son Ralph Ernest COX 1896 Queensland, Australia 03 Jul 1896 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Son William Leslie COX 1897 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 30 May 1982 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 85

Sister Jane COX abt 1865 Bradford, Wiltshire, England
Sister Anne COX abt 1867 Bradford, Wiltshire, England
Brother John COX abt 1868 Bradford, Wiltshire, England
Sister Edith COX abt 1875 Bradford, Wiltshire, England
Sister Elizabeth COX abt 1876 Bradford, Wiltshire, England
Brother George Parker COX abt 1878 Bradford, Wiltshire, England

Son in Law William Charles SMITH 25 Mar 1891 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 14 Jun 1977 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 86
Daughter in Law Euphemia Jane WIGHT 1887 Queensland, Australia 01 Aug 1978 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 91
Daughter in Law Charlotte Elizabeth MILLER 1896 Bowen, Queensland, Australia 1960 Queensland, Australia 64
Daughter in Law Ruth Mary RUTHERFORD 27 Dec 1908 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 16 Mar 1998 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 89

Granddaughter Lorna Evelyn SMITH bef 1926 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 1971 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 45
Granddaughter Edna May SMITH 06 Oct 1926 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 2014 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 88
Grandson Ralph Inkerman COX 1930 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 1983 Proserpine, Queensland, Australia 53

Aunt Frances COX 1837 Whatley, Somerset, England
Uncle Joseph COX 1838 Whatley, Somerset, England
Aunt Sarah S COX 1841 Whatley, Somerset, England
Uncle Isaac COX 1843 Whatley, Somerset, England
Uncle Robert COX 1845 Whatley, Somerset, England
Uncle George S COX abt 1846 Whatley, Somerset, England
Aunt Eliza I COX abt 1848 Whatley, Somerset, England
Aunt Jane PARKER abt 1843 Mells, Somerset, England
Uncle John PARKER 12 Dec 1847 Mells, Somerset, England 1886 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 39
Aunt Sarah Ann STANLEY abt 1855 Ireland 12 Jan 1937 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 82
Uncle Frederick PARKER 1849 Mells, Somerset, England
Uncle William PARKER abt 1854 Mells, Somerset, England
Aunt Emily PARKER abt 1855 Mells, Somerset, England
Uncle Joseph R PARKER abt 1857 Mells, Somerset, England
Uncle Henry PARKER abt 1858 Mells, Somerset, England
Aunt Annie PARKER abt 1860 Mells, Somerset, England
Uncle Charles PARKER abt 1861 Wrington, Somerset, England

Cousin John Stanley PARKER 1878 Queensland, Australia 04 Jul 1897 Queensland, Australia 19
Cousin Henry George PARKER 1880 Queensland, Australia 22 Feb 1962 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 82
Cousin Charlotte Jane PARKER 1882 Queensland, Australia 13 Oct 1971 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 89
Cousin Frederick Francis PARKER 1884 Queensland, Australia 25 Nov 1980 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 96
Cousin Albert Edward (Bert) PARKER 1885 Queensland, Australia 10 Sep 1968 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 83
Cousin Sarah (Cis) COX 1889 Queensland, Australia 26 Oct 1957 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 68
Cousin Arthur (Jim) COX 10 Sep 1890 Queensland, Australia 20 Aug 1964 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 73
Cousin John Robert (Bob) COX 18 Dec 1892 Queensland, Australia 09 Jan 1937 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 44
Cousin Ralph Ernest COX 1896 Queensland, Australia 03 Jul 1896 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Cousin William Leslie COX 1897 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 30 May 1982 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 85

Niece Mary Ann STANLEY 1866 1904 North Sydney, NSW, Australia 38
Niece Catherine (Kate) STANLEY 1869 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland 1945 Evelyn, Queensland, Australia 76
Niece Hannah Louise STANLEY 1870 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland 1954 Waverton, Sydney, NSW, Australia 84
Nephew Jeremiah STANLEY 1872 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Thomas STANLEY 1874 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Margaret E STANLEY 1875 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Sarah Jane STANLEY 1877 Killea, Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Agnes STANLEY 1879 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Susannnah STANLEY 1880 Killea, Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Abraham STANLEY abt 1885 Co Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Bridget STANLEY abt 1887 Co Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew William Stanley CAMERON 1868 Queensland, Australia 1935 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 67
Niece Isabella Elizabeth CAMERON 1870 Bowen, Queensland, Australia 1926 Proserpine, Queensland, Australia 56
Nephew Donald Stanley CAMERON 1872 Queensland, Australia 1919 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 47
Nephew Robert Samuel CAMERON 1875 Queensland, Australia 1935 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 60
Nephew Alexander Stewart CAMERON 1877 Queensland, Australia 1919 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 42
Niece Jane Sophia CAMERON 1879 Bowen, Queensland, Australia 1953 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 74
Nephew George Abraham CAMERON 1881 Queensland, Australia 1917 Villers Bretonneux, France 36
Niece Flora Margaret CAMERON 1883 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 1913 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 30
Niece Jane S BOX 1934 Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Niece Eliza Stanley BOX 1871 Queensland, Australia 1883 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 12
Nephew John Stanley BOX 1873 Queensland, Australia
Nephew Theodore Stanley BOX 1874 Queensland, Australia 1876 Queensland, Australia 2
Niece Caroline BOX 1876 Queensland, Australia 1884 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 8
Nephew Joseph Stanley BOX 1878 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1942 Queensland, Australia 64
Nephew William Stanley BOX 1880 Waterloo, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1928 Marrickville, NSW, Australia 48
Nephew Theodore BOX 1884 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1924 Newtown, NSW, Australia 40
Niece Susan May BOX 1887 Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1926 Chatswood, NSW, Australia 39
Nephew William Stanley HORNUNG 1879 Queensland, Australia 1903 Queensland, Australia 24

Brother in Law John STANLEY
Brother in Law Thomas STANLEY abt 1826 Co Tipperary, Ireland 1923 Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 97
Brother in Law Robert STANLEY abt 1836 1912 Dublin, Ireland 76
Sister in Law Jane Sophia STANLEY abt 1842 Ireland 1911 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 69
Sister in Law Eliza STANLEY abt 1843 1925 Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia 82
Sister in Law Mary STANLEY abt 1847 Co Tipperary, Ireland 1927 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 80
Events in Harry COX (1869 - 1939)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1869 Harry COX was born Bradford upon Avon, Somerset, England Note 1 46
1871 2 Census 34 Upper Bearfield Farm, Bradford, Wiltshire, England Note 2 67
1879 10 Death of father Henry Albin COX (aged 45) Bradford upon Avon, Somerset, England Note 3 46
1881 12 Census House in Spring Garden Factory Yard, Frome, Sommerset Note 4 67
18 Nov 1884 15 Immigration "Merkara" to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Note 5
26 Jan 1888 19 Married Sarah Ann STANLEY (aged 33) Queensland, Australia Note 6 52
1889 20 Birth of daughter Sarah (Cis) COX Queensland, Australia Cert. No. 1889/C11049 52
10 Sep 1890 21 Birth of son Arthur (Jim) COX Queensland, Australia Note 7 52
18 Dec 1892 23 Birth of son John Robert (Bob) COX Queensland, Australia Note 8 52
1896 27 Birth of son Ralph Ernest COX Queensland, Australia Cert. No. 1896/C10814 52
03 Jul 1896 27 Death of son Ralph Ernest COX Ayr, Queensland, Australia Note 9 52, 59
1897 28 Birth of son William Leslie COX Ayr, Queensland, Australia Note 10 52
1903 34 Residence 'Gainsford', Ayr, Queensland Note 11 37
1919 50 Residence 'Gainsford', Ayr, Queensland Note 12 37
09 Jan 1937 68 Death of son John Robert (Bob) COX (aged 44) Ayr, Queensland, Australia Note 13 52, 59, 60
12 Jan 1937 68 Death of wife Sarah Ann STANLEY (aged 82) Ayr, Queensland, Australia Note 14 52, 59
1939 70 Burial Ayr Cemetery, Queensland, Australia Note 15
19 Aug 1939 70 Harry COX died Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Note 16 52, 59
Note 1: free bmd Harry Cox - Jan to Mar 1869 - Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Vol 5a, page 138

1871 census - age 2 - Bradford, Wilts
1881 census - age 12 - Bradford, Wilts

Burdekin burial register - died 19/8/1939, age 71
Note 2: COX
Henry A (37) - farmer 133 acres, born Stoke Lane, Sommerset c 1834,
Charlotte (31) born Mells, Sommerset c 1840,
Jane (6) born Bradford, Wilts c 1865;
Anne (4) born Bradford, Wilts c 1867;
John (3) born Bradford, Wilts c 1868;
Harry (2) born c 1869 at Bradford, Wiltshire
Note 3: free bmd Henry Albin Cox - age 45 - July to Sept 1879 - Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Vol 5a, page 74
Note 4: COX
Charlotte (41) - widow - dairy woman - born Mells, Somerset
Annie (14) - Bradford, Wilts
John (13) - Bradford, Wilts
Harry (12) - Bradford, Wilts
Edith (6) - Bradford, Wilts
Elizabeth (5) - Bradford, Wilts
George P (3) - Bradford, Wilts
Note 5: Queensland, Australia, Passenger Lists.1848-1912
COX Harry - age 15 - born c 1869 on the 'Merkara' from London to Brisbane
Note 6: Cert. No. 1888/C2080 - page 3155
Note 7: Reg No 1890/007465 - page 5443 - parents Henry Cox and Sarah Ann Stanley
Note 8: Cert. No. 1893/C11091 - Harry Cox and Sarah Ann Stenley
Note 9: Reg No 1896/004219 - page 5464 - parents Harry Cox and Sarah Ann Stanley

Burdekin burial register - died 3/7/1896, age 5 months - died at Brookfield
Note 10: Reg No 1897/C11182 - parents Harry Cox and Sarah Ann Stanley
see death notes
Note 11: COX Arthur - grazier; Harry - grazier; Sarah Ann - hd
Note 12: COX Harry - grazier; Sarah - hd; Sarah Ann - hd; William Leslie - stockman
Note 13: Reg No 1937/001117 - page 398 - died 11 Jan 1937 - parents Harry and Sarah Ann Hanley

Burdekin burial register - died 9/1/1937, age 44

Townsville Daily Bulletin 12 Jan 1937
The death of Mr. John Robert (Bob) Cox, of The Rocks Station, Ayr, occurred at Ayr early on Monday morning, and cast a gloom over the Lower Burdekin district. Deceased met with an accident on Tuesday of last week, when supervising the dipping of some cattle. The horse he was riding reared and fell back on him, causing serious injury, and it was to the after affects from this that he succumbed. Bob Cox was one of the best known and respected citizens in this district. A son of Mr. Harry Cox, he was reared among cattle, and became a particularly keen Judge. When the Cox drafts of fats came into the Ayr and Townsville shows each year, he was just as keenly interested as his father and both shows will miss a splendid supporter. A happy and helpful nature won for him a very wide circle of friends and there will be widespread sorrow at the news of his death. Mr. Cox, who was in his forties, leaves a wife and four children, to whom general sympathy will be extended in their bereavement. The funeral took place at Ayr on Monday afternoon and was very largely attended.
Note 14: Reg No 1937/001129 - page 399 - Sarah Ann COX 12 Jan 1937 - parents William Stanley and Catherine Skeritt

Burdekin burial register - died 12/1/1937, age 82 - late of Gainsford - wife of Harry Cox
Note 15: Burdekin burial register - died 19/8/1939, age 71
Note 16: Reg No 1939/B044887 - page 398 - parents Henry Cox and Charlotte Parker

Burdekin burial register - died 19/8/1939, age 71

Townsville Daily Bulletin 19 Aug 1939
The death occurred In Brisbane at an early hour this morning of Mr. Harry Cox, of Gainsford Station, Ayr, one of the best known and respected pastoralists In the North. A native of England, Mr. Cox was just on 70 years of age. The body will be sent to Ayr for burial, reaching there on Tuesday morning, and the funeral will take place in the afternoon.

Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 20 Aug 1939
DEATHS COX.— On August 19th. at Brisbane. Harry Cox (grazier) of Gainsford, Ayr., aged 70 years.
Interment at Ayr on Tuesday, 22nd
Personal Notes:
Townsville Daily Bulletin 23 Aug 1939
By the death, which occurred in Brisbane last Saturday morning, of Mr. Harry Cox, the district of Ayr and the Lower Burdektn has lost one of its foremost citizens, as well as an able and far-seeing public leader. Time alone will reveal the extent of that loss.

Born in Wiltshire (England) 71 years ago, the late Mr. Cox came to Australia by the s.s.Makarra in 1884, and landed in Townsville. He went at once to the Burdekln district and was for some time engaged in farming activities and stock-raising. Following this, he went to the West, where, as quite a youth, he had charge of the mail run from Mt. Emu to Compton Downs. He often spoke of those early days and of his association with such old pioneers as Mr. and Mrs. Anning, William Marks, Dalrymple and others, from whom he derived many lessons which remained with him throughout his life. After a time, he returned, to the Burdekln and resumed farming at Brookfleld, on the Clare Road, where he grew corn which was delivered to the plantations at 2/6 per bushel.
In 1891, the late Mr. Cox was prominent in the movement to organise the cane farmers of the district with the object of getting a central mill, an event which did not succeed. When the project failed, in collaboration with Dr. Ahearne, he got in touch with Kalamla Estate, with the result that the cane was taken by tramline from Maidavale to Kalamia mill. That was the only year that the cane was sent there, and eventually the growers entered into a contract with the late John Drysdale to deliver the cane to Pioneer at 11/8 per ton on trucks. The Jarvesfield Sugar Company was formed, in which the farmers and businessmen of Townsville took 130,000 in shares. Once again the Denham Government's promise of a central mill did not eventuate, owing to the erection of the Inkerman mill. In all these movements the late Mr. Cox took a prominent part.
During the whole of this period, he was also engaged in raising cattle, and acquired Gainsford in 1900, and went there to reside 27 years ago. Amid all these exciting engagements, the late Mr. Cox found time for public service and for 31 of the last 89 years, he served, first on the Ayr Divisional Board, and subsequently on the Ayr Shire Council. He had the distinction of never having been defeated at the polls. When the Shire was re-dlvided about four years ago, the late Mr. Cox was returned unopposed as the representative of the grazing division, and at the last election was accorded a similar honor. He was one of the principal movers in the effort to have a hospital established at Ayr and became one of the early members of the committee. When the Ayr Hospitals Board was formed, it was fitting that he should be one of the Council representatives on the first Board. He was one of the foundation members of the Ayr Show Association, held the office of vice president for many years, and on the death of Mr. A A Paine, was unanimously elected to the office of patron. The late Mr. Cox was also one of the foundation members of the Ayr Bowling Club, and it was due partly to him, in co-operation with other sportsmen, that the green was established. He was a man who had the greatest faith in the possibilities of his district and believed that, with its wonderful natural resources, the Lower Burdekln could eventually carry a population of 100,000. When the underground water supply of the district began to show signs of failure a few years ago, it was Harry Cox who was prominent in the effort to urge the Government and the local authority to adopt some definite scheme for the conservation and replenishment of the water supply, realising, as he did, that it was the life's blood of the district.
His wife predeceased him in January, 1937, about two days after the death of his son, Bob, as the result of an accident He is survived by one daughter (Mrs. W. Smith), two sons Arthur and Leslie Cox — one step daughter (Mrs. Pollard), and three stepsons— Messrs. Fred, Harry and A. E. Parker— to whom the deepest sympathy is extended.
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