John Humphrey MORRIS
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John Humphrey MORRIS (1831 - 1921)
Samuel Thornton MORRIS (1840 - 1883)
John Humphrey MORRIS


Sarah Lydia THORNTON ( - 1898)

+. Sarah Lydia THORNTON ( - 1898)
Near Relatives of John Humphrey MORRIS
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Self John Humphrey MORRIS

Spouse/Partner Sarah Lydia THORNTON 13 Aug 1898 Stanmore, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Son John Humphrey MORRIS 1831 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1921 St Leonards, NSW, Australia 90
Son Samuel Thornton MORRIS abt 1840 01 Jan 1883 Rockhampton 43

Daughter in Law Emily HOWE 1840 1880 Sydney, NSW, Australia 40
Daughter in Law Mary Ellen JOHNSTON

Granddaughter Emily MORRIS 1857 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1857 Sydney, NSW, Australia 0
Granddaughter Florence Sarah MORRIS 1859 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Granddaughter Emily Eliza MORRIS 1861 Sydney, NSW, Australia 01 Aug 1929 Ashfield, NSW, Australia 68
Grandson George Thornton MORRIS 1863 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Granddaughter Alice Mary MORRIS 1865 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1951 Manly, NSW, Australia 86
Grandson Sydney John MORRIS 1867 Sydney, NSW, Australia 1946 North Sydney, NSW, Australia 79
Granddaughter Thornton Arthur MORRIS 1869 Redfern, NSW, Australia 1950 Sydney, NSW, Australia 81
Granddaughter Minnie May MORRIS 1871 Redfern, NSW, Australia
Granddaughter Sarah Edith MORRIS 1873 Redfern, NSW, Australia

Events in John Humphrey MORRIS's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1831 Birth of son John Humphrey MORRIS Sydney, NSW, Australia 54
abt 1840 Birth of son Samuel Thornton MORRIS
01 Jan 1883 Death of son Samuel Thornton MORRIS (aged 43) Rockhampton Note 1
13 Aug 1898 Death of wife Sarah Lydia THORNTON Stanmore, Sydney, NSW, Australia Note 2
1921 Death of son John Humphrey MORRIS (aged 90) St Leonards, NSW, Australia Note 3 52
Note 1: Sydney Morning Herald 9 Feb 1883
MORRIS.-January 1, at his residence, Annandale, Stanley-street, Rockhampton, Samuel Thornton, second son of the late John Humphrey Morris, Esq., aged 43 years.
Note 2: Sydney Morning Herald 15 Aug 1898
MORRIS.~August 13, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Fligg, Willowsmere, Tupper-street, Stanmore, Sarah Morris, mother of John Humphrey Morris, Jfii«|eta-street, Glebe Point, aged 60 years.
Note 3: Reg No 16146/1921 - Samuel and Sarah

Brisbane Courier 10 Dec 1921
SYDNEY. December 9.
Lient.-Colonel John Humphrey Morris died to-day, at Glebe, at the age of 91 years. He was one of the first volunteers in New South Wales, and belonged to the first cricket club established in Sydney He played in the first interstate match between Victoria and New South Wales, and in one of the first test matches between Australia and England.
Personal Notes:
see newspaper marriage article attached to Emily Howe