Joseph HOSFORD (1865 - 1916)
clerk (marr record) civil service(Hodgins)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Nora HOSFORD (1900 - )
Joseph HOSFORD (1865 - 1916)


Georgina (Georgiane) Barbara HOBBS (1864 - 1961)
Samuel HOSFORD (1820 - ) John HOSFORD

Elizabeth (HOSFORD)

Ellen MCCARTHY (1828 - 1897) Daniel MCCARTHY

Susanna (MCCARTHY)


Pic 2. http://thebignote.com/2013/05/12/grangegorman-military-cemetery-part-five/
Private Joseph Hosford, Irish Volunteer Training Corps, killed in Dublin, 28th April 1916, shot dead by a sniper through the window of the barracks where he was stationed.

b. 1865 at Co Cork, Ireland
m. 20 Jun 1898 Georgina (Georgiane) Barbara HOBBS (1864 - 1961) at Parish of Kilbarron, Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland
d. Apr 1916 at Dublin, Ireland aged 51
Near Relatives of Joseph HOSFORD (1865 - 1916)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather John HOSFORD
Grandmother Elizabeth (HOSFORD)
Grandfather Daniel MCCARTHY
Grandmother Susanna (MCCARTHY)

Father in Law Henry HOBBS 1818 Ireland 29 Dec 1893 Ballinagrass, Kilbarron, C. Tipperary, Ireland 75
Mother in Law Mary Jane HODGINS abt 1835 Modreeny, Co Tipperary, Ireland 24 Jun 1917 Ballinagrass, Kilbarron, C. Tipperary, Ireland 82

Father Samuel HOSFORD abt 1820
Mother Ellen MCCARTHY abt 1828 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland 1897 Dublin, Ireland 69

Self Joseph HOSFORD 1865 Co Cork, Ireland Apr 1916 Dublin, Ireland 51

Wife Georgina (Georgiane) Barbara HOBBS 01 Sep 1864 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland 07 Feb 1961 Tipperary, Ireland 96

Daughter Nora HOSFORD 1900 Co Dublin, Ireland

Sister Susanna HOSFORD 1851 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland 1934 Dunlavin, Ireland 83
Brother John HOSFORD 1853 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland
Sister Elizabeth HOSFORD 1855 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland 1880 Dublin, Ireland 25
Sister Catherine Jane HOSFORD 1857 Co Dublin, Ireland
Sister Ellen Anne HOSFORD 1860 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland 1892 Dublin, Ireland 32
Brother Samuel Terrance HOSFORD 1862 Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland 1872 Corkagh, Co. Dublin, Ireland 10

Son in Law Henry John (Harry) HODGINS 25 Aug 1891 Toomevara Falleen, New Orchard, Tipperary, Ireland 20 Jun 1978 New Orchard, Ballymackey, Co Tipperary, Ireland 86

Grandson Living or Recently Deceased

Niece Muriel FISHER 1891 Dunlavin, Ireland bef 1911 20
Niece Olive FISHER 1891 Dunlavin, Ireland
Nephew Harold N FISHER 1892
Nephew Claude Percy FISHER 1893 Dunlavin, Ireland
Niece Sarah HODGINS 1885 New Orchard, Ballymackey, Co Tipperary, Ireland 08 May 1899 New Orchard, Ballymackey, Co Tipperary, Ireland 14
Niece Bertha Roberta Frances HODGINS 07 Jun 1888 Falleen, Ballymackey, Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Henry John (Harry) HODGINS 25 Aug 1891 Toomevara Falleen, New Orchard, Tipperary, Ireland 20 Jun 1978 New Orchard, Ballymackey, Co Tipperary, Ireland 86
Niece Ellenor (Ella) Margaret HODGINS 19 Jun 1893 Toomevara Falleen, New Orchard, Tipperary, Ireland 1975 82
Niece Mary E (may be Mollie) HODGINS abt 1896 Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Robert HODGINS 05 Aug 1897 Toomevara, Falleen, New Orchard, Tipperary, Ireland New York City, NY, USA
Nephew William Albert HODGINS 1900 Tipperary, Ireland 24 Dec 1942 North Africa 42
Niece Catherine Mary MORTESHED abt 1900 Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Mary Kathleen MORTESHED abt 1901 Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew James Lewis HODGINS 02 Apr 1886 Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew John Bootham HODGINS abt 1889 Tipperary, Ireland 1919 30
Niece Mary HODGINS abt 1890 Tipperary, Ireland 31 Dec 1972 Brookvale farm, Co. Leix, Ireland 82
Niece Annie F HODGINS abt 1894 Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Ellen (Ella) Mary HODGINS 01 May 1897 Cloughjordan Druminure, Tipperary, Ireland 31 Dec 1972 Brookvale Farm, Co. Leix, Ireland 75
Niece Georgina (Georgie) HODGINS 08 Nov 1898 Dec 1975 Dublin, Ireland 77
Nephew Arthur Henry HODGINS 16 Aug 1900 Cloughjordan Druminure, Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Mary HILL aft 1979
Niece Georgina Margaret HILL abt 1892 Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Henry HILL abt 1895 Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Minnie HILL abt 1897 Tipperary, Ireland
Niece Grace (Gladys) HILL abt 1899 Tipperary, Ireland aft 1979 80
Nephew Thomas Albert Edward HILL abt 1901 Co Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew William HILL abt 1904 Tipperary, Ireland
Nephew Steven HILL abt 1906 Tipperary, Ireland aft 1979 73
Niece Charlotte HILL Jan 1911 Tipperary, Ireland

Sister in Law Louisa Lila (Eliza) HOBBS abt 1857 Ballinagrass, Tipperary, Ireland 03 Jun 1925 New Orchard, Ballymackey, Co Tipperary, Ireland 68
Brother in Law Arthur HOBBS abt 1858 Tipperary, Ireland
Sister in Law Sarah (Sally) Louisa HOBBS abt 1860 Tipperary, Ireland 1939 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 79
Sister in Law Priscilla (Ella)(Ellen) HOBBS abt 1862 Ballinagrass, Borrisokane, C. Tipperary, Ireland 19 Feb 1910 Rahugh, Kilbeggan, Westmeath, Ireland 48
Sister in Law Mary Jane HOBBS 26 Apr 1866 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland Jul 1918 Ballymackey, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 52
Brother in Law John H HOBBS 06 May 1868 Tipperary, Ireland 1947 Bourney parish, Tipperary, Ireland 79
Sister in Law Angelina (Angie) HOBBS 14 Sep 1870 Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland
Sister in Law Charlotte HOBBS 27 Jul 1872 Terryglass, Tipperary, Ireland
Brother in Law Thomas FISHER 1860 Dunlavin, Ireland 1939 Dunlavin, Ireland 79
Events in Joseph HOSFORD (1865 - 1916)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Birth of son Henry HOSFORD Note 1 21
1865 Joseph HOSFORD was born Co Cork, Ireland Note 2 65
1897 32 Death of mother Ellen MCCARTHY (aged 69) Dublin, Ireland email Miguel de Avendano
20 Jun 1898 33 Married Georgina (Georgiane) Barbara HOBBS (aged 33) Parish of Kilbarron, Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland Note 3 4, 10, 12
20 Jun 1898 33 Residence 117 Upper Leeson St, Dublin, Ireland 4
1900 35 Birth of daughter Nora HOSFORD Co Dublin, Ireland Note 4 1, 21, 65
1901 36 Census 419 Brighton Sq, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland Note 5 65
1911 46 Census 93 Nora Tce, Botanic Rd, Dublin, Ireland Note 6 65
Apr 1916 51 Joseph HOSFORD died Dublin, Ireland Note 7 1
Death of father Samuel HOSFORD Note 8
Note 1: Hodgins
not in 1911 census and father killed 1916 - so between 1911 and 1916
Note 2: 1901 census - age 36 - Co Cork
1911 census - age 46 - Dublin ?????

Ireland, Births and Baptisms, 1620-1911 about Joseph Hosford
Name: Joseph Hosford
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 28 Dec 1864
Birth Place: Bandon Dispensary, Cork, Ireland
Father's Name: Samuel Hosford
Mother's Name: Ellen Mccarthy
FHL Film Number: 101221
Note 3: C of I record from N. Tip Genealogy centre.
Witness - William H Reynolds & Charlotte Hobbs

Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958 about Joseph Hosford
Name: Joseph Hosford (and Georgiana HOBBS)
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1898
Registration district: Borrisokane
Volume: 3
Page: 261 (click to see others on page)
FHL Film Number: 101259
Note 4: Hodgins
1901 census - age 1 - Co Dublin
1911 census - age 11 - Co Dublin
Note 5: HOSFORD Joseph (36) b Co Cork - salesman/paint trade, Georgina (34) b Co Tipp, Nora (1) b Co Dublin,
HOBBS Charlotte (28) visitor b Co Tipp (Georgina's sister)
Note 6: Joseph HOSFORD (46) - head - merchantile clerk, Georgina Barbara(46)wife, Catherine Jane (52) - sister - book keeper, Nora(11)daughter
All born Co Dublin - (?????????)
Joseph and his sister Catherine - Presbyterian
Georgina and daughter Nora - Church of Ireland
All read and write
Joseph and Georgina had been married for 12 years - 1 child born- 1 child still alive
Note 7: shot by accident in the 1916 rebellion

Ireland Casualties of War - Ancestry.com - HOSFORD Joseph. Rank, Private, Irish Volunteer Training Corps; killed Sien Fein Rebellion, Dublin 24-25 April, 1916

Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index, 1864-1958 about Joseph Hosford
Name: Joseph Hosford
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1865
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1916
Death Age: 51
Registration district: Dublin South
Death Country: Ireland
Volume: 2
Page: 465
FHL Film Number: 0101606

Ireland, Calendar of Wills
HOSFORD Joseph (506) 30 August 1916 Administration of the Estate of Joseph Hosford late of 2 Belgrave Square Rathmines County Dublin Accountant who died 26 April 1916 grantd at Dublin to Georgina Hosford the Widow Effects 1240p 8s 7d
Note 8: email Miguel de Avendano - died between 1877 and 1889
Personal Notes:
Belle M
1911 census - merchantile clerk - married 12 yrs, total of one child born to this date

Ireland Casualties of War - Ancestry.com - HOSFORD Joseph. Rank, Private, Irish Volunteer Training Corps; killed Sien Fein Rebellion, Dublin 24-25 April, 1916

Private Joseph Hosford Irish Voluntees Training Corps, was killed in the Sinn Fein rebellion and listed as having being killed 24th-25th April 1916. This is from Irelands Memorial records. (Remember War dead databases?)I was born not 3 miles from Glasevin. Glasnevin means Nevins River. Nevin was an ancient pre-Christian Chief and lived in the area.

The Irish Volunteer Training Corps, or the G.R.’s as they were better known where the first to suffer fatalities in the Rising. On Monday the 24th of April the 1st Dublin Battalion paraded at Beggar’s Bush Barracks. There were four companies composed of the Irish Rugby Union Football Corps, the St. Andrew’s Corps, the Dublin Veterans Corps, the Glasnevin Corps as well as City and Railway corps and some motor cyclists. Although comprising of many Corps the force amounted to about 120 men. The force left Beggar’s Bush Barracks and marched to Ticknock. The force took part in an exercise with the Kingstown Corps and the Graystones Corps.

On completion of the exercise they set out to march back to Beggar’s Bush, newspapers and other sources suggest they were surprised by the Rebels when they arrived back at Beggar’s Bush but several sources state that they were informed of the trouble in Dublin and knew several buildings were occupied by the Rebels and advised to approach Dublin with caution. The commander of the force Major Harris marched the GRs from Ticknock to Beggar’s Bush without stopping, the march took one hour and twenty minutes arriving at the approach to Beggar’s Bush Barracks at about 4pm. They found the Barracks under siege and as they approached they came under heavy fire. The main source of the fire came from the Rebels occupying the railway bridge which had a commanding view of Haddington Road.

Although armed with rifles the GRs had no ammunition or bayonets and their GR Brassards made them obvious targets. Their commander with an advance party managed to enter the Barracks by the front entrance although they came under heavy fire in which Corporal Clery of A Company was mortally wounded. The remainder of the company was ordered to retreat up Lansdowne Lane and made their way to the back of the Barracks via Northumberlnd Road marching in single file until they reached a place in the wall where it seemed possible to climb over the wall. Eighty one men and nine officers managed to scale the wall and join the besieged garrison. There were only seventeen lee Enfield rifles in the barracks and the GRs only had six which would take .303 ammunition. The GRs were instructed on how to use their old Italian rifles as clubs should the Sinn Feiners attempt to rush the Barracks.

Continues firing was kept up on the Barracks especially from number 25 at the corner of Northumberland Road and Haddington Road. And it was from this house that the remainder of the GRs left outside the Barracks suffered their most losses. About forty GRs, under the command of F H Browning , were attempting to gain access to the Barracks when they came under a deadly hail of fire from the house on the corner, four were killed and nine injured. Sheltering in neighbouring houses they managed to acquire a change of clothes, their uniform being deemed too dangerous to wear, they managed to get safely from the area.

Later in the week Mr Joseph Hosford of C Company (Glasnevin) was shot dead by a sniper when he went to the barrack room to get his coat, he stood in front of a window for a moment when a bullet came through the glass and hit him.

The garrison at Beggar’s Bush was strengthened on the Wednesday afternoon by a party from the Nott’s and Derby Territorials who had landed at Kingstown that morning and marched to Ballsbridge. Knowing nothing of the area the Territorials were directed to the Barracks by sentries on the Shelbourne Road, approaching the Barracks from the rear they had to climb, heavily laden, over the wall by means of a ladder, most of them had only three months training at Watford and some had never fired a service rifle.
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HOBBS Charlotte (28) visitor b Co Tipp - (Georgina's sister)
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