Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE (1900 - )
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Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE (1900 - )


Francis (Frank) Pullar BROWN (1895 - 1977)
Thomas Gilbert BALLINTINE (1856 - 1929) Thomas BALLINTINE

Elizabeth KINEAR

Ellen Christina (MCKERTCHER) MCKERCHAR (1865 - 1937) Alexander MCKERCHAR

Elizabeth CAMPBELL

b. 1900 at Benalla, Victoria, Australia
m. 1922 Francis (Frank) Pullar BROWN (1895 - 1977) at Upotipotpon, Benalla, Victoria, Australia
Near Relatives of Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE (1900 - )
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather Thomas BALLINTINE
Grandmother Elizabeth KINEAR
Grandfather Alexander MCKERCHAR
Grandmother Elizabeth CAMPBELL

Father in Law Francis Ward BROWN 1868 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1950 Kew, Victoria, Australia 82
Mother in Law Elizabeth Euphemia DE LA GARD 14 Oct 1872 Garvoc, Victoria, Australia 1955 Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 83

Father Thomas Gilbert BALLINTINE 1856 Kimore, Victoria, Australia 1929 Upotipotpon, Benalla, Victoria, Australia 73
Mother Ellen Christina (MCKERTCHER) MCKERCHAR 1865 Bylands, Victoria, Australia 1937 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 72

Self Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE 1900 Benalla, Victoria, Australia

Husband Francis (Frank) Pullar BROWN 1895 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1977 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 82

Daughter Living or Recently Deceased

Sister Eliza (Ella) Campbell BALLINTINE 1894 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 1945 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 51
Brother Thomas Alexander BALLINTINE 1897 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 1972 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 75
Brother Alexander William BALLINTINE 1900 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 1947 Benalla, Victoria, Australia 47

Uncle James BALLINTINE 1917 Upotipotpon, Benalla, Victoria, Australia
Aunt Elizabeth (second eldest dau) MCKERCHAR 1853 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 1938 Bylands, Victoria, Australia 85
Uncle Alexander MCKERCHAR 1857 Euroke, Victoria, Australia 1920 Bylands, Victoria, Australia 63
Aunt Catherine (Kate) MCKERCHAR 1863 Bylands, Victoria, Australia 1944 Croydon, Victoria, Australia 81
Uncle James CUMMING
Uncle Isaac Thomas Blackham COUTIE 1868 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 1950 Croydon, Victoria, Australia 82

Cousin Alexander CUMMING
Cousin Jessie Campbell CUMMING 1888 Whittelsea, Victoria, Australia
Cousin Nellie CUMMING
Cousin Margaret Isabel CUMMING 1896 Whittelsea, Victoria, Australia

Niece Living or Recently Deceased
Nephew Living or Recently Deceased
Nephew Living or Recently Deceased

Sister in Law Doris Olive BROWN 1902 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1973 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 71
Sister in Law Elma J SMITH
Events in Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE (1900 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1900 Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE was born Benalla, Victoria, Australia Note 1
1922 22 Married Francis (Frank) Pullar BROWN (aged 27) Upotipotpon, Benalla, Victoria, Australia Ancestry trees - 3 June 1922
1929 29 Death of father Thomas Gilbert BALLINTINE (aged 73) Upotipotpon, Benalla, Victoria, Australia Note 2 60
1937 37 Death of mother Ellen Christina (MCKERTCHER) MCKERCHAR (aged 72) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Note 3 60
1977 77 Death of husband Francis (Frank) Pullar BROWN (aged 82) Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia Note 4 52
Jessie Ellen BALLINTINE died (no date) Note 5
Note 1: Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922 about Jessie Ellen Ballintine
Name: Jessie Ellen Ballintine
Father's Name: Thos Gilbt Ballintine
Mother's name: Ellen C Mckertcher
Birth Place: Benalla, Victoria
Registration Year: 1900
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 16454
Note 2: Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Thos Gilbert Baluntine
Name: Thos Gilbert Baluntine (corrected to Ballintine)
Death Place: Benalla, Victoria
Age: 72
Father's Name: Thomas Ballintine
Mother's name: Elizth Kinear
Registration Year: 1929
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 8145
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1857

Kilmore Free Pree (Kilmore) 15 Aug 1929
On Friday evening, July 26, one of the oldest and most highly esteemed residents of the district, Mr Thomas Gilbert Ballintyne, passed away at his residence, Summerlea, Upotipotpon. Up to a little more than a fortnight before he was busy as usual with his sons in the work of the farm, but it soon became apparent that a heart illness with which he was seized was not likely to yield to treatment and he passed peacefully away. Mr Ballintine, who was in his 73rd year, and born at Kilmore, had resided in Upotiputpon for 63 years. When a child of nine years with his parents be travelled by wagon from Kilmore and in later years acquired portion of the Upotipotpon estate, and subsequently became one of the most successful farmers in the district. Like his father before him he also conducted a chaff- cutting and threshing plant and travelled through most of the north-east. His sterling qualities and kindly disposition made friends for him wherever he went and he was known far and wide as a white man in every sense. Thirty seven years age he married Miss McKerchar, of Bylands, the widow and two sons (Thomas and Alexander) and two daughters ---Ellie and Jessie (Mrs Brown)--- surviving him. Mr Walter Ballintyne (Oasgrove) is a brother of deceased and Mrs. Crothers (Rushworth), Mrs Down (Koonoda), Mrs Thomson (Henty, N.S.W.), and Mrs Bain (Geelong West) are sisters. Another brother (James) and sister (Mrs G. W, Croxford) predeceased him. Mr T. G. Ballintine was a man of unassuming ways and unswerving integrity and in all his dealings his word was his bond. No man was happier in his home life than deceased and Summerlea was always a place where a true welcome to the stranger and the guest was ever extended---the district is poorer by his passing. The remains were interred in the Benalla cemetery on 28th ultimo, there being over 100 cars in the cortege. The coffin was borne to the grave by the deceased's two sons, his brother and nephew (G. Down), the pallbearers being Messrs G. McAlpin, F. Brown, G. Croxford, H. Bradley, J. McPherson and H. Down. A most impressive service was conducted at the graveside by Revs. F. Butchers and A. C. McConnan.
Note 3: Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore) 19 May 1937
One of the most beloved members of the community passed away on Saturday last, in the person of Mrs. Ellen Christina Ballintine, who before coming to Benalla, spent many years at Upotipotpon. Death took place at the residence of her son-in law (Mr. F. B. P. Brown, Silverdale Road, Eaglemont), after a fairly long illness. The deceased was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. McKerchar, of Bylands, and was born there on 28th February, 1866. In September, 1892,, she was married to the late Mr. Gilbert T. Ballintine, who predeceased her by about eight years. From the time of her marriage, Mrs. Ballintine resided at the family home "Summerlea" Upotipotpon. More than two years ago, she, with daughter, Miss Ellie Ballintine, left Upotipotpon and in March last year, took up residence in Benalla. Shortly after, she became ill and this necessitated her removal to Melbourne, and she went to live with her son-in-law at Eaglemont.
The deceased is survived by two sons, Thomas Alexander and Alexander William, and two daughters, Miss Ellie (Benalla), and Jessie (Mrs. F. B. Brown, Eaglemont).
The great esteem in which the deceased was held was also made manifest by the large assemblage at the graveside in the Benalla cemetery on Sunday afternoon. Approximately three hundred people were present including residents of almost every part of the Benalla district, and others from distant parts of the State. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rey. R. P. Simons, and the funeral arrangements were made by Messrs. W. G. Apps & Son, Melbourne. The coffin-bearers were Messrs T. and A. Ballintine, W. Ballintine,. G. Down, A. Bain, G: Croxford, jnr., and the pall-bearers were Messrs J. and A. MacPherson, G. Croxford. snr., H. Bradley, F. Brown and R. Wines.
Prior to the funeral, which left St. Andrews church, a short impressive service was conducted by the Rev. R P. Simons, Minister of the Church, and a very large congregation participated. In the course of the prayers, reference was made to the hospitality, kindliness, and charity of the deceased, who had been long associated with the activities of the church. The hymn "Abide With Me." was sung by the congregation and accompanied at the organ by Mr. C. Perrin, who also played "O Rest in the Lord." During the service, the pall covered casket rested in front of the Communion rail and around it numerous floral tributes were placed, and later conveyed to the grave.--"Benalla Standard"',
Note 4: Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Francis Pullar Brown
Name: Francis Pullar Brown
Death Place: Heidelberg, Victoria
Age: 82
Father's Name: Ward Francis
Mother's Name: Elizabet De La Garde
Registration Year: 1977
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 22521
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1895
Note 5: still alive on the 1977 electoral roll?

Ancestry-Jackel tree - 1976 - Warr..? Victoria, Australia @ 68yrs [as ATKINSON]
Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Ellen Jessie Atkinson
Name: Ellen Jessie Atkinson
Death Place: Warrnambool, Victoria
Age: 68
Father's Name: Geo Ballantine
Mother's name: Alice Sharp
Registration Year: 1976
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 11100
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1908

Don't think above is correct - other trees have her father as Thomas Gilbert Ballantine and Ellen McKercher
Personal Notes:
Ancestry trees - born 1900 - died 1976