Robert MCCUTCHEON (1775 - 1842)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Robert Flewelline MCCUTCHEON (1806 - )
Maria MCCUTCHEON (1808 - )
Elizabeth MCCUTCHEON (1810 - )
Thomas MCCUTCHEON (1811 - 1891)
Margery MCCUTCHEON (1812 - )
James MCCUTCHEON (1814 - 1880)
Francis MCCUTCHEON (1817 - )
Sarah MCCUTCHEON (1821 - 1894)
Robert MCCUTCHEON (1775 - 1842)


Mary FLEWELLINE (1780 - )

b. 1775 at Ireland
m. 1801 Mary FLEWELLINE (1780 - )
d. 1842 at Kilmastulla, Tipperary, Ireland aged 67
Near Relatives of Robert MCCUTCHEON (1775 - 1842)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Self Robert MCCUTCHEON 1775 Ireland 1842 Kilmastulla, Tipperary, Ireland 67

Wife Mary FLEWELLINE 1780 Ireland

Son Robert Flewelline MCCUTCHEON 1806 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland Canada
Daughter Maria MCCUTCHEON 1808 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland
Daughter Elizabeth MCCUTCHEON 1810 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland
Son Thomas MCCUTCHEON 1811 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland 1891 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 80
Daughter Margery MCCUTCHEON 1812 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland
Son James MCCUTCHEON 1814 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland 1880 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 66
Son Francis MCCUTCHEON 1817 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland
Daughter Sarah MCCUTCHEON 1821 Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland 1894 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 73

Daughter in Law Mary Ann CASWELL 1804 Canada
Daughter in Law Phoebe CLARKE 1807 Grange, Tipperary, Ireland 1889 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 82
Daughter in Law Mary Ann BAXTER 1819 Tipperary, Ireland 1859 Dorchester, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada 40
Son in Law James CLARKE 1810 Tipperary, Ireland bef 1852 42

Grandson Robert William MCCUTCHEON 1835 Tipperary, Ireland 1837 Tipperary, Ireland 2
Grandson James MCCUTCHEON 1837 Conocar, Nenagh County, Ireland 1891 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 54
Grandson Joseph MCCUTCHEON 01 Jan 1841 Tipperary, Ireland 06 Jan 1902 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland 61
Grandson Robert MCCUTCHEON 1843 Tipperary, Ireland 1847 Tipperary, Ireland 4
Grandson George MCCUTCHEON 1845 1931 Tullamore, Ireland 86
Grandson Thomas MCCUTCHEON 1846 Tipperary, Ireland 1847 Tipperary, Ireland 1
Grandson William MCCUTCHEON 1849 Tipperary, Ireland Australia
Grandson Robert MCCUTCHEON 1851 1889 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 38
Granddaughter Susan MCCUTCHEON 25 Oct 1854 Tipperary, Ireland 1894 40
Grandson Joseph CLARKE abt 1885 Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Events in Robert MCCUTCHEON (1775 - 1842)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Birth of son William MCCUTCHEON dates unknown
1775 Robert MCCUTCHEON was born Ireland Borland family tree - ancestry
1801 26 Married Mary FLEWELLINE (aged 21)
1806 31 Birth of son Robert Flewelline MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notes for father
1808 33 Birth of daughter Maria MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notes for father
1810 35 Birth of daughter Elizabeth MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notes for father
1811 36 Birth of son Thomas MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland Borland family tree - ancestry
1812 37 Birth of daughter Margery MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notes for father
1814 39 Birth of son James MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notes for father
1817 42 Birth of son Francis MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland see notesfor father
1821 46 Birth of daughter Sarah MCCUTCHEON Killalane, Tipperary, Ireland Borland family tree - ancestry
1842 67 Robert MCCUTCHEON died Kilmastulla, Tipperary, Ireland Borland family tree - ancestry
Death of son Robert Flewelline MCCUTCHEON Canada
Personal Notes:
Borland family tree - ancestry
Rootsweb board 21 Oct 2001
Hello List:
This may be the time to re-post my inquiry. I've tried this before
without a lot of success. I understand the fragmentary nature of Irish
records, but I live in hope that somewhere someone knows something about
my ancestors that I haven't yet discovered.

Here is what I believe I know about my McCUTCHEON(IN)/CASWELL/BAXTER and
related family ancestors:

1. Robert McCUTCHIN, b. abt. 1775 (my GGG-Grandfather)
parents unknown, location unknown - probably Tipperary.
(The baptismal registers for his children indicate he was
a resident of Killalane Townland near Nenagh.)
married about 1801 to
Mary FLEWELLINE (Fluallen?), dates and geographical origins unknown.

2. They had at least 8 children:
a)Robert F.(for Flewelline, perhaps?), b. 3 Aug 1806, c. 29 Oct 1806
b)Maria, c. 20 Feb 1808, of Killalane, Co. Tipp.
c)Elizabeth, b. 11 Jan 1810, c. 21 Feb 1810, of Killalane, Co. Tipp.
d)Thomas, c. 4 Jul 1811, of Killalane, Co. Tipp.
e)Margery, c. 12 Dec 1812, of Killalane, Co. Tipp
f)James, c. 26 Aug 1814, of Killalane, Co. Tipp.
g)Frances, c. 20 Jan 1817, of Killalane, Co. Tipp.
h)William, dates unknown, placement within family unknown.

The first seven listed were found in the index of Baptism records
for Killaloe Parish, presumably C of I. Robert is reported to have
discovered Jesus when the former was 14 years old. He always claimed
afterwards that he was a Wesleyan Methodist.
Of these 8 children, Robert and James are known to have emigrated to
Canada; the rest are assumed to have remained in Ireland.

3. Robert F. McCUTCHIN(my GG-Grandfather)
married 20 Nov 1827 (believed to have eloped)to
Mary Ann CASWELL, b. 1804, parents unknown, geographical origins
unknown, but not necessarily Tipperary, - possibly Clare or Limerick.

4. Robert and Mary Ann had 9 children, the first 7 being born in
a)Catherine, b. 27 Oct 1828, in Ireland
b)John, b. 22 Mar 1830, in Ireland (my G-Grandfather)
c)Mary Ann, b. 27 Nov 1831, in Ireland
d)Elizabeth (Eliza), b. 25 Apr 1834, in Ireland
e)Anne, b. 14 Mar 1837, in Ireland
f)Robert, b. 18 Jan 1839, in Ireland
g)William, b. 1 Jan 1842, in Ireland
h)Sarah Jane, b. 28 Jun 1844, in Upper Canada (now Ontario)
i)Henry Caswell, b. 18 Sep 1849, in Upper Canada

The family emigrated to what became W. Nissouri Twp., Middlesex Co.,
Ontario, Canada in 1843. (In later years, some moved on to Lambton
and Kent Counties.) Oral history in Canada suggests that Robert and
Mary Ann came to Canada from Killaloe/Co. Clare. However, we don't
know the dates or ports of departure and arrival, nor the name of
the ship on which they took passage. Robert continued to live on
his farm in W. Nissouri until his death on 25 Apr 1882. He was
buried in Robin's Hill Cemetery in W. Nissouri Twp.

5. James McCUTCHIN
married 1835 in Ireland (exact date, location unknown) to
Mary Ann BAXTER, b. 1819, Co. Tipp. (parents & location unknown)
James and Mary Ann had at least 8 children, of whom, we believe,
the first 5 were born in Ireland.
a)George, b. 1836, in Ireland
b)Robert, b. Mar 1838, in Ireland
c)James, b. 1839, in Ireland
d)Joseph, 1839, in Ireland
e)William, b. 1847, in Ireland, we believe
f)Marcella Jane, b. 1850, Upper Canada (Ontario, Canada)
g)Elizabeth (Eliza), b.d. unknown, Upper Canada
h)Mary Ann, b.d. unknown, Upper Canada.

The family emigrated to Canada somewhere between 1847 and 1850.
Once again, we don't know the ports or departure and entry, nor
the name of the ship on which they migrated. They are recorded
in the 1851 Census as occupying the same residence as Robert and
his family (must have been a little crowded). However, some later
moved to nearby North Dorchester Twp. and others to Lambton County
and the United States to work in the fledgling petroleum industry.

Sorry to have gone on so long. If anyone can connect with any of this,
please advise.

Dick McCutcheon