Samuel MALPASS (1893 - 1963)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Samuel MALPASS (1893 - 1963) Joseph MALPASS (1856 - 1925) William MALPASS (1826 - )

Elizabeth TOMLINSON (MALPASS) (1828 - )

Jane (June) MARSH (1858 - 1930) Hezekiah MARSH


b. 1893 at Queensland, Australia
d. 1963 at Queensland, Australia aged 70
Near Relatives of Samuel MALPASS (1893 - 1963)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather William MALPASS abt 1826 Gornal, Staffordshire, England
Grandmother Elizabeth TOMLINSON (MALPASS) abt 1828 Gornal, Staffordshire, England
Grandfather Hezekiah MARSH
Grandmother Maria HOBSON

Father Joseph MALPASS abt 1856 Gornal, Staffordshire, England 23 May 1925 Home HIll, Queensland, Australia 69
Mother Jane (June) MARSH abt 1858 24 Jun 1930 Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 72

Self Samuel MALPASS 1893 Queensland, Australia 1963 Queensland, Australia 70

Sister Elizabeth MALPASS abt 1877 1935 Queensland, Australia 58
Sister Maria MALPASS 1881 Queensland, Australia
Brother William MALPASS 1882 Queensland, Australia 1958 Petersham, NSW, Australia 76
Brother Thomas MALPASS 1883 Queensland, Australia 1955 Queesnland, Australia 72
Sister Louisa Jane MALPASS 1885 Queensland, Australia
Sister Maria MALPASS 1887 Queensland, Australia 1954 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 67
Sister Maud MALPASS 1888 Queensland, Australia 1976 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 88
Sister May MALPASS 1890 Queensland, Australia 1956 Queensland, Australia 66
Brother Joseph Henry MALPASS 14 Jun 1891 Queensland, Australia 26 Feb 1951 Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 59
Sister Beatrice MALPASS 1896 Queensland, Australia 1985 Queensland, Australia 89
Brother Charles MALPASS 08 May 1897 Queensland, Australia 1977 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 80

Uncle William Henry MALPASS abt 1868 Gornnal, Stafford, England 1950 Queensland, Australia 82
Aunt Hannah LARSEN 1951 Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Cousin Emily MALPASS 1895 Queensland, Australia
Cousin Leslie MALPASS 1899 Queensland, Australia
Cousin Harold John MALPASS 1904 Queensland, Australia
Cousin Ethel May MALPASS 1905 Queensland, Australia

Niece May SCAMMELL 1897 Queensland, Australia
Niece Lucy Jane SCAMMELL 1901 Queensland, Australia
Nephew Percy Edward SCAMMELL 1903 Queensland, Australia
Nephew Charles Joseph MALPASS 1916 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 2007 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 91
Nephew Wilfred (Bill) Joseph HOOK 1985 Queensland, Australia

Brother in Law William Edward SCAMMELL 1911 Queensland, Australia
Brother in Law James John Dunlop WATSON 1930 Queensland, Australia
Brother in Law John Crane WILSHIRE
Sister in Law Silver EADE 22 Oct 1890 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 19 Dec 1951 Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 61
Brother in Law Joseph Wilfed HOOK
Sister in Law Esther Inglis DAKERS 04 Apr 1900 Queensland, Australia
Events in Samuel MALPASS (1893 - 1963)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1893 Samuel MALPASS was born Queensland, Australia Note 1 18
23 May 1925 32 Death of father Joseph MALPASS (aged 69) Home HIll, Queensland, Australia Note 2 52, 59
24 Jun 1930 37 Death of mother Jane (June) MARSH (aged 72) Home Hill, Queensland, Australia Note 3 52
1963 70 Samuel MALPASS died Queensland, Australia Note 4 18
Note 1: Qld bmd - 1893/C6483 - parents Joseph Malpass and Jane Marsh
Note 2: Reg No 1925/1713 - page 1093 - Joseph Malpass - 24 May 1925 - parents William Malpass and Elizabeth
Burdekin cemetery records - died 23/May 1925 - age 69 - husband of Jane Malpass - grave no 44X - Ayr cemetery

Townsville Daily Bulletin 24 May 1926
MALPASS— In loving memory of our dear Husband and father, Joseph Malpass. who departed this life, at Home, Hill. 24th May, 1925. (We of t times alt and think ot you When/ we are all Alone, Tor mqmory is the only thing, That gfrlet can call its own. We tnnk of you In the silence. No jfcyes may eee us wocp, But deep within our hearts, 1 ' Yopr loving memory we will keep.) (Inserted by his loving wife, Jane Malpass and sons and daughters, Mr and Mrs, Jas. Watson, Mr and Mrs W. Malpass, Mr and Mrs T. Malpass, Mr and Mrs G. Phillips, Mr and Mrs J. Wilshire. Mr and Mrs A. Frew, Mr and Mrs J. Farafher, Mr. and Mrs J. Malpass, Mr and Mrs S. Malpass, Mr and Mrs W. Hook, Mr and Mrs C. Malpass.)

Townsville Daily Bulletin 28 May 1925
I regretfully refer to the death of one of the pioneers at the North Mr. Joseph Malpass, who passed away at about two o'clock on Sunday morn ing, at his hotel (Hotel Malpass) at Home Hill. The deceased gentleman was seized with a stroke about two years ago, and since then his health has been very indifferent; culminating in his death. The late Mr. Malpass was born in the year 1855 at Dudley, Staffordshire. England, and married Miss Jane Marsh. He arrived at Townsville direct from England 47 years His young wife joining him two years later. He worked for a time on the Townsville jetty, and left Townsville for Woolgar, at the time of the Woolgar gold rush. Forty three years ago he went to Sandy Creek near Ravenswood and conducted the Sandy Creek Hotel. From there a few years later he went to Ravenswood as licensee of the Miners' Arms Hotel. About 13 years later he removed to Townsville, taking over the old Post Office Hotel. After a few years he returned to Ravenswood and again conducted the old Sandy Creek Hotel, and later the Exchange Hotel. At one time he was the owner of the Sandy Creek, the Miners' Arms and the Exchange Hotels. While licensee of the Exchange Hotel be took a 12 months' trip to the Old Country. 20 years ago Mr. Malpass decided to leave the North and purchased a fruit and dairy farm at Middle Ridge, on the Darling Downs. After a little over 12 months he sold the farm and returned to North Queensland, purchasing the lease of the Court House Hotel Cairns. After about 12 months he sold out and for some years conducted the North Gregory, Winton. About 12 years ago he removed to Ayr as the licensee of the Queen's Hotel, which be occupied for 6 years. He was also licensee of the Ayr Hotel for about a year and then lived privately for a few years. About two years ago he was granted a license for a hotel at Home Hill. The late Mr. Malpass has been a conspicuous figure in the North for nearly half century. He was a rugged, blunt type of man, with considerably more than the average fortitude and de- termination. He was a plucky speculator. The greater part of his life in the North was spent in Ravenswood, where in the palmy days of the field he had considerable interests. He leaves to mourn his loss a sorrowing wife, eleven grown up sons and daughters, numerous grandchildren, also a brother, Mr. W. H Malpass, of Bowen. His daughters and sons living are Mesdames Watson (Home Hill), G. Phillips, Frew, Farragar and Hook (Ayr), and Wiltshire (Townsville), and Messrs. W. Malpass (Alparoo Station), T. Malpass (Mackay), J. Malpass (Home Hill), S. Malpass (Townsville), and C Malpass (Cairns), all of whom are married and resident in North Queensland. His wife, all his children, his brother and several grandchildren were present with the deceased gentleman at the last. The late Mr. Malpass was accorded a Masonic funeral which moved from the Ayr Masonic Hall, a great number of Masonic brethren attending. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Reverend Michael, (Church of England), the Masonic service being read by by W. M. Harry Hicks of Lodge Ayr, of which lodge deceased was a member.

The Western Champion (Barcaldine) 13 June 1925
Mr. Joseph Malpass, one of the pioneers of- the North, has passed away at his hotel at Home Hill. The deceased was seized with a stroke about two years age, since when be was never himself. Deceased was born at Dudley, Staffordshire, England, in 1856. He arrived at Townsville direct front England 47 years ago, his young wife joining him two years later. His first job was a wharf lumper, and he afterwards visited the numerous gold rushes, finally settling down as a hotelkeeper. For some years he conducted the North Gregory Hotel, Wilton. He leaves a wife and eleven grown-up sons and daughters, and numerous grand children, also a brother. Deceased was a rugged, blunt, type of man with considerably more than the average fortitude and determination. He was accorded a Masonic funeral and was interred at Ayr.
Note 3: Reg No 1930/C2300 - page 1016 - parents Hezekiah Marsh and Maria - 24 June 1930
Burdekin cemetery records - died 24 June 1930 - age 72 - buried with husband Joseph Malpass

Central Queensland Herald 19 March 1931
Malpass, Jane, Home Hill, widow, licensed victualler. January 24th, 1930. William Malpass and Elizabeth Watson. Realty and personalty, £24,181.
Note 4: Qld bmd - 1963/C2859 Samuel Malpass - parents Joseph and Jane Marsh
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