Maud Susan BRACKEN ( - 1970)
Children Self + Spouses Parents Grandparents Greatgrandparents
Daughter 1 BRABY
Daughter 2 BRABY
Maud Susan BRACKEN ( - 1970)


William Martin BRABY (1882 - 1953)


m. 1916 William Martin BRABY (1882 - 1953) at Queensland, Australia
d. 1970 at Queensland, Australia
Near Relatives of Maud Susan BRACKEN ( - 1970)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Father in Law Henry Horace BRABY 1849 Newhaven, Sussex, England 1907 Casino, NSW, Australia 58
Mother in Law Alice BILLINGS 1858 25 Jan 1920 Queensland, Australia 62

Father James BRACKEN
Mother Anne GORDON

Self Maud Susan BRACKEN 1970 Queensland, Australia

Husband William Martin BRABY 19 Sep 1882 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 17 Jun 1953 Queensland, Australia 70

Daughter Daughter 1 BRABY
Daughter Daughter 2 BRABY
Son Henry BRABY
Son Lyall BRABY

Son in Law F.W.F. PETERSON
Son in Law Jack FAUST

Niece Alice Meredith BRABY 28 Mar 1901 Queensland, Australia
Niece Violet Pearl BRABY 18 Dec 1902 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 16 Feb 1903 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Nephew Henry Norman BRABY 14 Jan 1904 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 16 Jan 1904 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Niece Rose Annie BRABY 17 Aug 1906 Ayr, Queensland, Australia
Nephew Ernest Henry BRABY 1912 Queensland, Australia
Niece Venus (Venice) Mabel BRABY 1911 Queensland, Australia
Niece Iris Doreen BRABY 03 Aug 1911 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 1965 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 54
Nephew Graham Frederick Charles BRABY 1914 Queensland, Australia USA
Niece Hazel Lorian BRABY 1918 Queensland, Australia 22 Apr 1919 Queensland, Australia 1
Niece Joyce Mary Alice BRABY 11 Feb 1924 Townsville, Queensland, Australia 15 Apr 1999 Grand Coulee, Grant, Washington, USA 75

Brother in Law Henry Horace BRABY 02 May 1875 Queensland, Australia 16 Feb 1919 Queensland, Australia 43
Sister in Law Ada Alice BRABY 10 Dec 1876 Queensland, Australia 1969 Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 93
Brother in Law Frederick Luff BRABY 03 Jun 1878 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 15 Mar 1943 Mirani, Queensland, Australia 64
Brother in Law Martin BRABY 21 Nov 1879 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 02 Feb 1880 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Brother in Law James Beaumont BRABY 04 Dec 1880 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 28 May 1883 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 2
Sister in Law Violet Henrietta BRABY 21 Sep 1884 Queensland, Australia 07 Nov 1884 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 0
Sister in Law Mabel Ellen BRABY 23 Jun 1886 Queensland, Australia 15 Sep 1957 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 71
Sister in Law Violet BRABY 18 Jul 1888 Queensland, Australia 1972 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 84
Sister in Law Ethel Alicia BRABY 12 Jul 1890 Queensland, Australia 08 Nov 1890 Queensland, Australia 0
Brother in Law Ernest Harold BRABY 02 Oct 1891 Mackay, Queensland, Australia 20 Jun 1949 Ayr, Queensland, Australia 57
Sister in Law Henrietta Carolina BRABY 19 Sep 1893 Ayr, Queensland, Australia
Events in Maud Susan BRACKEN ( - 1970)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Birth of daughter Daughter 1 BRABY fathers obit
Birth of daughter Daughter 2 BRABY fathers obit
Birth of son Henry BRABY fathers obit
Birth of son Lyall BRABY fathers obit
1916 Married William Martin BRABY (aged 34) Queensland, Australia Note 1 18
17 Jun 1953 Death of husband William Martin BRABY (aged 70) Queensland, Australia Note 2 52, 54, 60
1970 Maud Susan BRACKEN died Queensland, Australia Note 3 18
Note 1: 1916/C1036 Bracken Maud Susan Braby William Martin
Note 2: Reg No 1953/1278 - page 234 - Henry and Alice Billings

Proserpine Guardian 17 July 1953
Proserpine has lost another
of its old residents In
the death of Mr. William
Martin Braby on 18th June.
He was in his 71st year.
Born at Habana, near
Mackay, Mr. Braby spent
the early part of his life in
that district, and at Ayr,
where his father was en-
Consulting Engineer
in the erection of
sugar mills in both these
Mr. Braby, who leaves a
grown-up family, came to
Proserpine in 1912. After a
brief stay he departed to
accept employment "experting"
at wool scours in the
West. In 1914 he returned
to Proserpine to take
work as a loco, driver at
the Proserpine Mill, a posi
tion he occupied for many
years. When the Mill took
over the powerhouse, Mar
tin undertook a position as
one of the drivers at the
Mill's power station. This
position he held until fail
ing health enforced his retirement
a little over three
years ago.
During his term of employment
at the Mill, Martin
assisted many young
men to obtain their certi
ficates of competency for
loco, driving.
He was a member of the
Oddfellows Lodge, and, in
his younger days, took a
keen interest in fishing and
in 1916 he married Miss
Maude Bracken, of Proserpine.
He was ever a quiet, un
assuming man, very fond of
his family and small group
of friends, and deepest
sympathy is extended to his
bereaved wife, two sons,
Lyall and Henry, and two
daughters, Mrs. F. W. F.
Peterson, of Innisfail, and
Mrs. Jack Faust, of Proserpine.
The funeral moved from
St. Paul's Church of Eng
land, Rev. Lambton, of
Bowen, officiating at the
Note 3: 1970 C6261 Maud Susan Braby James Bracken Anne Gordon
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