Myrtle HEGNEY (1894 - 1977)
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Myrtle HEGNEY (1894 - 1977)


Martin William HEGNEY (1859 - 1915)

Jane WILSON (1861 - 1915) John WILSON

Catherine LEAHEY (1831 - 1915) Edward LEAHEY

b. 1894 at Wentworth, NSW, Australia
m. William LAYNTON
d. 1977 at Preston, Victoria, Australia aged 83
Near Relatives of Myrtle HEGNEY (1894 - 1977)
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather John WILSON
Grandmother Catherine LEAHEY 1831 1915 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 84

Father Martin William HEGNEY abt 1859 1915 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 56
Mother Jane WILSON abt 1861 Victoria, Australia 1915 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 54

Self Myrtle HEGNEY 1894 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1977 Preston, Victoria, Australia 83

Husband William LAYNTON

Son Living or Recently Deceased
Son Living or Recently Deceased
Daughter Living or Recently Deceased
Daughter Living or Recently Deceased

Sister Kora Jane HEGNEY 1883 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1950 Victoria, Australia 67
Brother Martin John (Jack) HEGNEY 1884 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1956 Grafton, NSW, Australia 72
Brother Thomas H HEGNEY 1885 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1889 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 4
Sister Eva Katherine HEGNEY 1887 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1945 Williamstown, Victoria, Australia 58
Brother Martin William HEGNEY 1889 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 1969 Cock, Victoria, Australia 80
Sister Annie HEGNEY 1890 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1911 Wirrimbirchip, Victoria, Australia 21
Sister Ivy Eileen HEGNEY 1892 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1946 South Northcote, Victoria, Australia 54
Sister Charles Hopetown HEGNEY 1896 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1980 Wynnum, Queensland, Australia 84
Sister Mary Clover HEGNEY 1896 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1984 Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia 88
Brother Leo Gladstone HEGNEY 1897 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1967 Broken Hill, NSW, Australia 70
Sister Minerva HEGNEY 1901 Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Brother Thomas HEGNEY 1902 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 1902 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 0

Uncle Jack WILSON
Aunt Catherine WILSON abt 1857 23 Jul 1926 Moolort, Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia 69
Uncle Neil NEILSON abt 1844 Denmark 19 Apr 1923 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 79

Cousin Jessie Victoria NEILSON 1880 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1922 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 42
Cousin Neil Henry NEILSON 1881 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1967 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 86
Cousin John Edward (Jack) NEILSON 26 Feb 1884 Pooncarie, Wentworth, NSW, Australia 03 Mar 1967 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 83
Cousin Alice May NEILSON 1886 Wentworth, NSW, Australia 1981 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 95
Cousin Amy Jane NEILSON 1889 St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 1963 Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 74
Cousin Charles Henry NEILSON 1892 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 1963 Malvern, Victoria, Australia 71
Cousin Maude Alexandra (Minnie) NEILSON 1894 Maldon, Victoria, Australia 1964 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia 70

Niece Molly BROOKS
Niece Muriel BROOKS
Niece Nonie BROOKS
Niece Rose BROOKS
Nephew Noel Lindsay HEGNEY 1978 Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Nephew Stanley MATTHEWS
Nephew Bain Wilson MATTHEWS 1914 Mildura, Victoria, Australia 1964 Preston, Victoria, Australia 50
Niece Mona HEGNEY bef 1950
Nephew Stanley HEGNEY
Nephew William HEGNEY
Niece Doreen Jane PETTIT 1919
Niece Living or Recently Deceased

Brother in Law Claude Bassil BROOKS
Sister in Law Agnes MUMMERY
Sister in Law Gertrude Madeline Lyle WINTER 1888 Grafton, NSW, Australia 1968 Grafton, NSW, Australia 80
Brother in Law Donald Bain MATTHEWS 1888 Mount Moriac, Victoria, Australia 1962 Geelong, Victoria, Australia 74
Sister in Law Flora RICHARDSON 1889 Morwell, Victoria, Australia 1950 P Ville, Victoria, Australia 61
Brother in Law Thomas MCCARTHY
Brother in Law Albert Alexander PETTIT abt 1890 1932 Northcote, Victoria, Australia 42
Brother in Law Hilda HARMAN
Brother in Law Joseph WOOD
Brother in Law James G HIGGINS
Events in Myrtle HEGNEY (1894 - 1977)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Married William LAYNTON Note 1
1894 Myrtle HEGNEY was born Wentworth, NSW, Australia Note 2 52
1915 21 Death of father Martin William HEGNEY (aged 56) Mildura, Victoria, Australia Note 3 60
1915 21 Death of mother Jane WILSON (aged 54) Mildura, Victoria, Australia Note 4 60
1977 83 Myrtle HEGNEY died Preston, Victoria, Australia Note 5
Note 1: Death notice of brother in law Albert Pettit 1932
Note 2: Name: Myrtle Hegney
Birth Date: 1894
Father's name: Martin W Hegney
Mother's name: Jane
Birth Place: New South Wales
Registration Year: 1894
Registration Place: Wentworth, New South Wales
Registration Number: 37041
Note 3: Mildura Telegraph and Darling and Lower Murray Advocate 19 Oct 1915
The news of the death of Mr. Martin Hegney, came as a great shock to his many friends on Sunday last. Up till quite recently he was in his usual health, when he contracted a cold. The disease instead of yielding to medical treatment, rapidly became worse, as pneumonia developed, and he was removed to the Mildura Hospital, where everything that was possible was done, but the patient gradually sank and died on Sunday morning. Mr. Hegney was an old resident of the district, and was much esteemed by those who knew him best as an honest, straightforward man whose word was as good as his bond. The deceased was much affected by the death of his wife, which took place a few months ago. Together they had built up a good business in the Victoria Dining Rooms, where they had earned a reputation for studying the comfort of their patrons. The funeral is to take place this afternoon, leaving Mr. Hegney's late residence at 3 o'clock for the Mildura Cemetery.

DEATH. HEGNEY. — On 17th inst. at Mildura Hospital, Martin William Hegney, Senr. Age 56. The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, Victoria Dining Saloon, Lime Avenue, at 3 p.m. THIS DAY (Tuesday.) HUTCHINSON BROS. Undertakers.

The Argus (Melbourne) 20 Oct 1915
HEGNEY. - On the 17th October, at Mildura (suddenly from pneumonia), Martin William Hegney, dearly beloved husband of the late Jane, and beloved father of Mrs Brooks (Melbourne), Mrs D. B. Matthews (Birchip), Jack (Sydney), Martha, Ivy, Myrtle, Hope, Leo, Mary, and Minerva, of Mildura, and brother-in-law of Mrs. N. Neilson (Baringhup East), aged 55 years. R.I.P.
Note 4: The Argus (Melbourne) 27 April 1915
HEGNEY. -On the 22nd April at her late residence, Mildura, Jane, beloved wife of M. W. Hegney, and devoted mother of six daughters and four sons; also loving sister of Mrs. N. Neilson (Baringhup East), and Jack Wilson. R.I.P.
Loved by all.
Name: Myrtle Veronic?? Daly
Birth Year: abt 1896
Age: 81
Death Place: Preston, Victoria
Father's name: Martin Hegney
Mother's name: Unknown Ginny
Registration Year: 1977
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 25200
Source References:
52. Type: Australia Birth Marriage Death Index 1787 - 1985 Record
- Reference = (Birth)
- Notes: Name: Myrtle Hegney
Birth Date: 1894
Father's name: Martin W Hegney
Mother's name: Jane
Birth Place: New South Wales
Registration Year: 1894
Registration Place: Wentworth, New South Wales
Registration Number: 37041