Walter ORR (1874 - )
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Walter ORR (1874 - ) William ORR (1840 - 1906) William ORR


Phoebe WELLS (1838 - 1915)

b. 1874 at Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Near Relatives of Walter ORR (1874 - )
Relationship Person Born Birth Place Died Death Place Age
Grandfather William ORR
Grandmother Ann JOHNSON

Father William ORR abt 1840 Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland 06 Jan 1906 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 66
Mother Phoebe WELLS abt 1838 Kent, England 27 Aug 1915 Kew, Victoria, Australia 77

Self Walter ORR 1874 Footscray, Victoria, Australia

Sister Phoebe Ann ORR 14 Jan 1861 Ballarat West, Victoria, Australia 16 Jun 1955 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 94
Brother William John ORR 07 Sep 1862 Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia 1942 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 80
Brother Samuel ORR 28 May 1864 Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia 1937 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 73
Sister Margaret Jane ORR 1865 Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia
Brother Robert Wells ORR 1867 The Loddon, Castlemain, Victoria, Australia 1868 Casterton, Victoria, Australia 1
Brother Edwin ORR 1868 Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Brother Robert William ORR 29 Sep 1870 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 23 Dec 1915 Fremantle, WA, Australia 45
Brother Alfred Ernest ORR 1872 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1873 Victoria, Australia 1
Brother Daniel Edgar ORR 1877 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1948 Gisborne, Victoria, Australia 71
Brother Ruben ORR 1879 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 23 Dec 1903 Fremantle, WA, Australia 24

Niece Phoebe Mary STEWART 1884 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1964 Fran?, Vic, Australia 80
Nephew Alexander Crawford Lindsay STEWART 1886 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1937 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 51
Nephew Charles William STEWART 1888 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1941 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 53
Nephew Robert Stanley STEWART 1890 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1962 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 72
Niece Alice Maud STEWART 1892 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1947 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 55
Niece Florence May STEWART 1894 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1971 Seaford, Victoria, Australia 77
Nephew Alfred Orwell STEWART 1895 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1982 Chel, Victoria, Australia 87
Nephew William James ORR 1884 Armidale, NSW, Australia 1954 Elwood, Victoria 70
Niece Jessie ORR 1885 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1948 Edon, Victoria, Australia 63
Niece Florrie ORR 1887 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 1908 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 21
Nephew Robert Wells ORR 1890 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 11 Apr 1917 Bullecourt, France 27
Niece Marjorie Marian ORR 28 Nov 1911 East Fremantle, WA, Australia 13 Oct 1987 Midvale, WA, Australia 75
Nephew Robert William ORR 11 Nov 1915 Fremantle, WA, Australia Sydney, NSW, Australia
Nephew William James ORR abt 1909 1967 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 58

Brother in Law Charles Alexander STEWART 1858 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 1924 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 66
Sister in Law Agnes (Anne) SNADDEN 19 Sep 1860 Footscray, Victoria, Australia 28 Oct 1951 E Camberwell, Victoria, Australia 91
Sister in Law Sarah Jane GUNN 1903 Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Brother in Law Arthur George PRIEST
Sister in Law Ethel Mary SWAIN 1884 Fremantle, WA, Australia 08 Sep 1929 Fremantle, WA, Australia 45
Sister in Law Mary GUTHRIE
Events in Walter ORR (1874 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1874 Walter ORR was born Footscray, Victoria, Australia Note 1 52
06 Jan 1906 32 Death of father William ORR (aged 66) Footscray, Victoria, Australia Note 2 52
27 Aug 1915 41 Death of mother Phoebe WELLS (aged 77) Kew, Victoria, Australia Note 3 52
Note 1: Reg No 22859/1874 - William Orr and Phoebe Wells
Ancestry - Wilson Family Tree - Orr descendant
Note 2: Reg No 1544/1906 - age 65 - parents William Orr and Ann Johnson
Ancestry - Wilson Family Tree - Orr descendant - 22 Cowper St, Footscray - cause of death, heart disease/exhaustion

Independent (Footscray) 13 January 1906
It is with regret that we have to announce the death of Mr William Orr, which took place on Thursday, 4th January, at his residence, 22 Cowper-street, Footscray. The deceased, who leaves a wife and grown up family, was a colonist of 48 years, being with Michaelis, Hallenstein and Co for 38 years, for 28 of which he acted as foreman. The interment took place on Saturday in the Footscray cemetery. The officers and members of the U.A.O.D., of which the deceased was a member, and the employees of Michaelis, Hallenstein and Co marched in front of the hearse. The service at the grave was read by the Rev J. H. Goble. The coffin bearers were J. Case. J. Walsh, J. Phelan and A. McPhail. Pall-bearers, G. Bell, W. Snadden, J. Snadden, W. English, H. Cooke, Com. J. Stewart, C. Whitehead and W.Dewsnap. The principal amongst a large number of wreaths were from Michaelis, Hallenstein and Co and his fellow employees. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr W. J. Cameron.

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William Orr
Birth 1841
Belfast (Down), County Down, Northern Ireland
Death 6 Jan 1906 (aged 64–65)
Footscray, Maribyrnong City, Victoria, Australia
Footscray General Cemetery
Footscray, Maribyrnong City, Victoria, Australia
Plot CE-A-120A
Memorial ID 192502842 ·
Note 3: Reg No 9691/1915 - no parents stated
Ancestry - Wilson Family Tree - Orr descendant
Ancestry trees - died - hospital for the insane, Kew

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Phoebe Wells Orr
Birth 1838
Kent, England
Death 27 Aug 1915 (aged 76–77)
Kew, Boroondara City, Victoria, Australia
Footscray General Cemetery
Footscray, Maribyrnong City, Victoria, Australia
Plot CE-A-120A
Memorial ID 192502758
Source References:
52. Type: Australia Birth Marriage Death Index 1787 - 1985 Record
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